Route Setters

With a combined setting experience of over 40 years, our routesetting team is the core of our product. Headed up by Director of Setting, Bret Johnston, the routesetting team consists of an Asst Head Setter, Brian Hedrick and Danny Harris, at each location and a team of full time and part time setters who set at and travel to our Bay Area locations. In addition, Max Zolotukhin, our Head of Setter Development and Training, is responsible for ensuring we are providing a quality and consistent product at all our locations.


Bret Johnston
Director of Setting


Danny Harris - DH
Assistant Head Route Setter - Belmont

Danny started climbing in 2002 when Planet Granite Belmont opened up a couple blocks from his house. He’s been hooked ever since. He likes to boulder most of the time, but occasionally will get on a rope. He’s also into riding his dirt bike and making it rain whenever possible, that's just how he rolls.


Max - MZ
Head of Setter Development and Training`

Maxim Zolotukhin grew up in Gainesville, FL where he set a route the first day he ever climbed in the summer of 2000. Since then, he has devoted his professional life to crafting thought provoking movement in gyms across the country.

Having 11 years of high profile setting and competing under his belt, Max considers his greatest plastic successes to be making the US bouldering team in 2009, setting for the EMS Pro Comp in Central Park NYC, and master-minding the Heart Ov Zteel bouldering competition-game show hybrid in Boston, MA. On rock, Max has bouldered V13, clipped up 5.14, and is probably best known for once foolishly trying to boulder a sport route...whoops. Aside from climbing, he enjoys watching and playing basketball, drinking craft beer, street fashion, and sharing his passions online on the Louder Than 11 blogging/media ensemble. SWAG.


Walker - smash
Asst Head Setter - Sunnyvale

Walker is the founder of the infamous Wemerson Productions.  As a world traveler and avid boulderer, Walker brings a great amount of climbing experience to the Planet Granite community.  He can be found climbing hard problems anywhere from Tahoe’s Star Wall to South Africa’s Rocklands. 



Adriel likes every aspect of climbing. He likes it because it challenges him over and over again. It never gets too old. Climbing has given him the chance to travel all over the U.S. and has introduced him to genuine people who are like him, psyched on climbing. He also enjoys running.


Mitch - MAN

Mitch started climbing when he was seventeen after coming to Planet Granite as a summer camp counselor. When he first arrived at Planet Granite, he was like "DUDE," so he gave it a try.  It was love at first V0!  Since then Mitch has been dedicated to becoming more and more awesome at rock climbing. Mitch is very creative in his climbing style, using heel hooks, toe hooks, knee bars, nose cams and elbow smears to get up the wall. He applies those skills to his setting to make all routes challenging, fun and different to climbers of all abilities. Mitch's favorite style is bouldering, and very often you can find him at Castle Rock lying on his pad under his latest 4 foot tall epic project.


Josh - JH

Josh has been climbing off and on for about 15 years.  He is primarily a boulderer, but has been known to tie into the sharp end occasionally.  Josh enjoys all types of pulling, but only excels at steep climbs.  In his spare time he enjoys learning stupid human tricks and training to be the next American Ninja Warrior. 


Bob - RZ

Bob has been climbing for fifteen years and setting for twelve. Favorite climbing area: Owens River Gorge.

Mike A

Mike A - Mike A

Mike was introduced to rock climbing by the great Bill Price in 1969. They both started climbing at rattle snake rock and castle rock. He soon found himself in Yosemite’s dirt of camp 4. From there it has been nothing but down hill, just kidding :-) . After high school, he moved to Yosemite Valley and got a job cooking at the Mt. Boiler Room, and the Ahwahnee. He lived in the valley during the golden age of climbing, and even got to experience the air plane crash :-) After a couple years of big fun in the valley, He got married and moved back to the bay area to got a real job, and go back to school, :-( . Even with 5 kids and being a single parent he’s keeping the climbing dream alive. Mike helped with the Castle Rock State Park guide book, and the climber’s general plan for Castle Rock as well. He helped to build twisters climbing gym, one of the first climbing gym's in the bay area. Mike has been setting routes at PG for 9 years now and has put up several routes in the sierra. Mike has red pointed 5.12 and just finished writing two guide books to Fresno Dome, and Shuteye Ridge. Mike loves climbing at Jailhouse, The Gorge, Courtright, Shuteye Ridge, Fresno Dome, The Spires, Calaveras Dome, Grotto Area, The Pinnacles, PG, and bouldering at Castle Rock.


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