Route Setting at PG Belmont

Date Set Location Total Set Grade Range
9/29 Upper Room 27 V0-V11
9/16 Front Side 21 5.7-5.12c
9/9 Lower Room 23 V0-V11
8/19-8/21 Chimney and Slab Wall 36 5.3-5.12a
8/12 Crack Wall 16 5.6-5.11+
7/22 Upper Room 30 V0-V10
7/15 Open Book 13 5.6-5.12c
6/24 Lower Bouldering 17 World Cup Wednesday!
6/16 Lead Cave 17 5.9-5.12d
5/12 Upper Room 27 V0-V9
5/6 Open Book & Mega Slab 14 5.6-5.12c

*World Cup Wednesday is part of our ongoing Setter Development! Twice per month, our setters create a special set - and this week's focus is World Cup Wednesday in honor of it being World Cup Season! Try out these sweet pro-comp style climbs and let us know what you think! Be prepared for tricky sequences, dynamic moves and straight up gym climbing fun!


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