BLOC PARTY - a bouldering series

The Bloc Party is our Fall Bouldering Comp Series held at each of our locations. Competitions are open to people of all ages and categories are as follows:

Recreational V0-V3
Advanced V3-V6
Open V6+

Recreational V0-V2
Advanced V2-V4
Open V5+

Onsight Series Final
The top 5 scores of the competitions from each mens and womens are invited to compete in a Series Final that takes place at the end of the last comp. The Series Final consists of 3 problems with 5 minutes for each competitor to attempt the climb. Winners take home cold hard cash. To be eligible for the Onsight Final, participants must compete in the last Bloc Party as well.

Competition starts at 12pm. Last climb and score card must be turned in no later than 5pm.

Competition Rules:

  • Registration closes at 4pm.
  • Category is chosen based on top 2 climbs completed.
  • Participants can climb ONE climb outside of their category. However, if they complete 2 or more problems in a higher category, they will be bumped to a higher category. Competitors will be ranked within their category based on their Total Score, which is the sum of their top 5 climbs.
  • Total score ties within a category will be broken by the competitors’ highest scoring problem.
  • If a competitor does not finish 5 climbs, their Total Score will be the sum of whatever they climbed. They will still be categorized based on their two highest scoring problems.
  • Ascents must be witnessed by two people and initialed by each.
  • 5 attempts per problem. X off points for every try, circle the final score when problem is sent.
  • Must complete 3 problems to turn in a score card for a shirt and raffle ticket.
  • No sandbagging! Sandbaggers will be bumped at PG's discretion.
  • Have fun!


Bloc Party 2014

Bloc Party 2013

Bloc Party 2012

Bloc Party 2011



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