a 4 week long community league competition

NEXT LEAGUE DATES (4 league nights, every other week)
SAN FRANCISCO: Starts Thursday July 14th
BELMONT: Starts Wednesday July 13th
SUNNYVALE: Starts Tuesday September 20th
PORTLAND: Next dates TBD

WHAT IT IS: a friendly, casual bouldering league focused on participation, improvement and camaraderie, yet with an element of competition. Climbers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate. The Bouldering league will only work if you commit to being here on competition nights.

WHAT IT IS NOT: a hard-core competition looking only for the best, elite climbers. If you just want to impress a bunch of people by climbing as hard as you can this is probably not for you!

Skill Categories
Novice v0-v2
Intermediate v3-v5
Advanced v6+


Teams must be coed and consist of 3-6 boulderers of varying skill levels broken up into 3 Difficulty categories. Teams must have at least one team member for each skill level. Teams must have a name and that name must be appropriate. Each team must choose a Captain, he/she will be the contact person for each team, so be prepared for “a lot” of “responsibility”.

*Portland teams only need to have two skills represented in each team.

All team sign-ups must happen at the front desk by the Team Captain. To complete registration payment must be taken in full, for all team members ($25 per person), upon signing up. Phone #’s and Skill levels will need to be provided for all team members (there is a form on the back of this sheet that you can use to collect all the information). 

Solo Flyers (singles)
The front desk will be taking names and information for members of the Planet Granite community that may be without a team. With enough single-person competitors, Planet Granite will put together a rag-tag team with as many of the single competitors as possible. Existing teams are welcome and encouraged to recruit from the wait list also.

League Nights and scoring
On League Nights, Competitors will meet in the appropriate zone of the Bouldering Area. Competition each night will be a TEAM vs. TEAM (head to head) battle; each team trying to earn MATCH POINTS. Each problem will be categorized based on difficulty, each team member will be encouraged to climb within his/her difficulty. Climbing beyond/below one’s Skill Category is allowed, though it will be met with scoring consequences either positive or negative. During the night’s festivities, pizza will be served along with napkins and/or wet wipes to allow for proper grease removal before climbing. 

Overall Scoring and Winners

The overall scoring for the League will be based on the cumulative total of MATCH POINTS and the overall standings will be viewable online as well as within the gym. The Winner of any given series will be the team that has earned the most MATCH POINTS during the series and will walk away with the confidence that comes with being a winner and a t-shirt to allow for easy bragging.



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