Circuits @PG San Francisco

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NOVICE: This novice circuit incorporates a wide range of movement and terrain to help less experienced climbers build confidence on the wall.  This circuit focuses on different skills that will help one progress to the next level.  For example, Problem #4 is set on steep terrain, which will challenge many new climbers since it requires a lot of footwork and body tension.  To climb this problem well it will require fundamental techniques such as flagging, backsteps, and walking your feet through.  As we progress as climbers, it is important that we can identify foot sequences in order to climb as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

INTERMEDIATE: In the intermediate circuit, we highlighted both static movement and dynamic movement.  For all climbers, it is important to be able to climb both styles with confidence.  When you do this intermediate circuit, focus on climbing statically by finding neutral positions and locking off the moves. This will help improve your balance and body tension.  On other problems in this circuit one will need to make dynamic movements by using momentum from one hold to another.  Problem #6 will test both skills by forcing you to move statically through certain moves and dynamically for others.

ADVANCED: In the advanced circuit, the primary focus is body tension. Whether you’re climbing v0 or v15, body tension is an important ability to control. This advanced set of problems force a wide range of movement but will require precise footwork and body tension. Any mistake will have you lying on your back. Problem #4, for instance, is not only powerful, but also technical – you’ll need to be able to flag, toe hook, heel hook, and bicycle.  When you try this circuit it will be important that you focus on the nuances of movement. It’s often one move that will make the difference between falling and sending!

# Location Tape color Grade
1 Fridge Black V0
2 Red Wall Yellow V0
3 Backwall Blue and Yellow V1
4 Upstairs - left Orange  V1
5 Ramp - middle Red V2
6 Backwall - left Green V2
1 The Prow - left Orange  V3
2 The Fridge Blue V4
3 Yoga Roof White V4
4 Ramp - upper Red  V4
5 Backwall - left Black  V5
6 The Prow - left White V5
1 Backwall - left White  V5
2 Red wall - center Pink and Yellow V6
3 Red wall - left Orange V7
4 The Prow - under Black V7
5 Yoga roof Green V8
6 Backwall - right Blue V8





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