Planet Granite San Francisco Staff

Eliot Carlsen - Manager

Eliot is originally from Sonoma, CA but currently calls San Francisco his home. He originally started climbing mountains in his teens but it wasn’t until much later that he discovered rock-climbing. Since that time Eliot has been consumed by the sport and he would not know what to do without it. Eliot is the new manager at PG SF having recently moved up from the same role at the SV gym. He brings 10+ years of climbing experience with him. Eliot is an avid crack climber and can sometimes be found flailing on the PGSF finger crack but he also really enjoys bouldering and sport climbing too. Currently, his top five favorite places to climb are Yosemite, Zion, Indian Creek, Bishop and Squamish, in no particular order. Currently his top five favorite climbs are Moonlight Buttress, Astroman, The Rostrum, Freerider and Equinox. When he's not out rock climbing or spending time at the gym, he enjoys playing chess and eating.

Jackie Moore - Asst Manager

New York City seems an unlikely place to discover the world of climbing, but that’s exactly where Jackie’s love of climbing began back in 2001. After finishing her degree, she found herself ‘chasing the dream’, traveling around to a variety of climbing hotspots in California, Colorado, Utah, the U.K., through France and Switzerland. She finally settled down in 2009 in San Francisco and quickly fell in love with Northern California and Planet Granite! She loves all areas of climbing and when she’s not pulling on granite, she likes running, obsessing over nutrition and planning her next trip outside.



Stephanie bleeds orange&black and is a hella proud San Franciscan. 

Damien - Front Desk Staff and instructor at Planet Granite San Francisco


Born and raised in La Verne California, I am currently studying kinesiology at San Francisco State University. When Im not climbing you can find me slacklining, watching movies, and taking long walks on the beach.

Jack - Front Desk Instructor at Planet Granite San Francisco


A lover of all things outdoors Jack started climbing his freshman year of college at UCSC. While most at home in the bouldering area, you can find him working on his technique and endurance on the tall walls at Planet Granite’s San Francisco location. When not working on his latest project you might see Jack around town picking up ingredients for his latest food experiment or looking for new and interesting beers and cheeses to sample.

Justin - Front Desk Staff at Planet Granite San Francisco


Having moved from North Carolina two years ago, Justin is joining Planet Granite after an 8 year stint from climbing. He started at the ripe age of 8, and is excited to crush all boulders and big walls in his hawk-like gaze in the coming year. When not training like a madman you can find Justin having a go of it on the Soccer (Football to our far-east neighbors) pitch. Justin also enjoys a great book and home-brewed beer with his cat George Washington.


Born and raised in the city of San Francisco, Martin was introduced to climbing through his older brother, Mike. From the moment his hands touched the wall, Martin was hooked on climbing. You'll probably find him working on his projects in the bouldering area while he constantly smiles for no reason. In his free time, Martin enjoys making ugly faces while he lifts weights and eating mass amounts of food he calls snacks.


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