$1 per MEMBER per MONTH


$1 per Member per Month is Planet Granite’s pledge to donate $1on behalf of each member every month to three areas we believe are important in our world: climbing, community and the environment.   We give our members the option to choose to which category they want us to donate their "dollar."   We will always give to groups within these categories, but the mix might change if we find a new and interesting project within a category.   You can see our past recipients by following the links to your right. Our “$1/Member/Month” is a recent creation, but we’ve been giving back for a while now. 

For example in 2009, together with our members, Planet Granite raised over $20,000 for the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA). 

We are committed to giving back to our local community and this program gives each of our customers a voice in the process. Visit the front desk of your “home” gym to choose where your $1/month is donated.

If you are part of or know of an organization you feel would benefit from being part of our $1/Member/Month program, please submit your request to Renee DeAngelis.



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