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Kids Programs at Planet Granite

Event Staff PartyWe've got a variety of kids programs for your child ages 5-18! If your child enjoys new making new friends and wants to learn something new, try out rock climbing! Click on the links below to read more!

Kids Birthday Parties
Let us manage the ropes for your child's most talked about birthday!

After School Programs
Are your kids interested in climbing more? We have amazing 5 week climbing camps that throughout the school year. For five consecutive weeks, our instructors will work with your kids to get them scrambling up the walls. In addition, they'll play fun climbing games and meet new friends!

Parents Night Off - Friday nights at PG!
Friday nights are great, and we offer an even better way for you to enjoy it! Drop your child off for a Friday night session of climbing and dinner, while you get a bit of free time!

Summer Camps (and Winter and Spring Break)
During the holidays, we offer week long camps. During these four hour, five day camps, we'll get your kids climbin to new heights, playing climbing games and teaching them all about climbing.

Climbing Team (ages 8 - 18)
For the more dedicated climbers, we have the perfect option. From Rock Monkeys to Competitive Climbing Team, we will help you find the perfect fit for your child. With a number of National Competitions under our belt, our Team Coaches will work with your kids, create individual workouts, cross-training and skill drills.

Scouting Events
We're happy to help your troop earn their badge! Please contact your local gym for details.

Please note that there is a minimum weight requirement of 40lbs for all of our roped climbing and youth programming.Young girl enjoying climbing

Very Important!
*Please be sure that all minors have a waiver fully completed and signed by their parents or legal guardian. Complete a WAIVER HERE within 30 days of your visit.

If the parent or guardian will not be present, please bring a photocopy of their government issued photo identification (for signature verification).  *Please note: legal guardians must present proof of guardianship to sign a child's waiver.

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