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Crossfit and Functional Fitness & Cross-Training

Planet Granite Sunnyvale is proud to offer CrossFit.

Planet Granite San Francisco is proud to offer Functional Fitness & Cross-Training. CrossFit Class


CrossFit is a high intensity, metabolic and gymnastic workout that is designed to increase strength, flexibility and cardio in a carefully designed program that prevents boredom! CrossFit is included with a membership to Planet Granite (participants must have experience with CF and form or must take a fundamentals class). 

Functional Fitness & Cross-Training is a great program that focuses on building strength and endurance with the use of olympic weights and plyometric exercises. Classes are included in your PG membership, but participants must have experience with olympic weight lifting or take the fundamentals class).

For more information about these programs, please visit the below links!

CrossFit Sunnyvale at PG Sunnyvale
Functional Fitness & CrossTraining at PG San Francisco

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