Bloc Party SF is over and we are  so excited for Sunnyvale’s in a few weeks

It was a long but awesome day running from 10am to almost 7pm! People were jumping to get on problems as soon as they got the green light to start climbing. And once it started, the day didn’t slow down. The North Face athletes Matty Hong, Emily Harrington, and Peter Croft joined in the fun, hung out, and ran a few clinics throughout the day including a crack clinics, Sport Climbing and one on cerebral climbing. Climbers and spectators were able to hang out at The North Face lounge and Airstream outside. Most people opted to wait ’til they got their climbing in and were taking a break for food to really take advantage of the lounge area.

 The crowds around the problems never ended. Tablers had set up around the clinic and were running smaller side comps including fastest figure 8 at The North Face table and how to coil a rope at the Stanford Arcteryx table. 

Once it was time to end climbing, the routesetters stripped some walls and started to set up the finals. While they worked, Matty Hong, Peter Croft, and Emily Harrington held a Q&A with everyone. People asked great questions and The North Face was able to talk about their Walls Are Meant for Climbing initiative which was one of the themes of the day. Keep an eye out for people wearing one of the Walls shirts! 

As soon as finals started, everyone rushed back over to get a good view for the finals. It was the loudest, most engaged crowd for finals we have seen before! Our final competitors were super strong and on at least one of the routes, foiled the attempts of the routesetters to force a move. They all crushed it and put on a great show!  

See the final scores here!

Finishing off the comp, a giant raffle. Thanks to all our sponsors for the great prizes! Check out a full list of our sponsors here

Check out the rest of the photos from the comp!

Photos courtesy of our wonderful in house photographer Max Stuart (on Instagram as