Have you heard of the E9 brand? If not, don’t worry; they are a super popular Italian clothing line that’s brand new to the U.S., and our Planet Granite San Francisco and Sunnyvale gyms are some of the few places you can find their clothing available on this coast.

Rondo_Slim.jpgE9 was born from the creative mind of Mauro Calibani, the 2001 Boulder World Champion and, more than that, a real rock lover.

In 2000, Calibani founded the E9 brand and began producing clothing and accessories for climbers with an original and peculiar style. Calibani replaced the drab, earthy tones commonly seen in climbing apparel with loud, vibrant colors and edgy graphics; a style that was quickly embraced by the European climbing community and beyond. Although E9 is well known for their alternative style, it is the pure functionality and quality of the brand’s clothing that has caused E9’s popularity to rise across the globe over the past decade. 

But E9 is not just clothing…it’s a love for the rock and passion for climbing. They are inspired by nature and each piece embodies the energy of the rocks. Their entire line is 100% hand made in Italy and produced using stretch fabrics sourced locally from Italian vendors.Alex_Cropped.jpg

Recently, Alex Puccio joined the E9 family and loves the high quality and unique style of their clothes and accessories.

Alex Puccio isn’t the only one vouching for this brand though. We tried it and we love it too. Stephanie Ko Pound, Sr. Director of Bay Area and Marketing at our gyms says she was hooked on them the moment she saw them and her love only grew after that. “I first saw E9 clothing while on a trip in Spain – everyone was sporting them! At first it was the bright colors and cute style that attracted me, but after buying my first pair, I realized their pants are high quality and super durable (knee bars anyone?). They’ve quickly become my go-to climbing pant! The moment I heard E9 wanted to distribute in the US, I knew we had to carry their line.”

Planet Granite’s San Francisco and Sunnyvale retail shops are now selling a selection of E9’s fall/winter collection pants! The pants from this collection are made from slightly heavier fabric than E9’s spring/summer collection which is perfect for the cold fall/winter rock.


Don’t forget! PG Members get a 10% discount at our retail shop – just one more reason to check these out!

  • Lulu – Women’s Pants – $95 / $85.50
  • Andrea – Women’s Pants – $70 / $63
  • Fleur – Women’s Pants – $96.67 / $87
  • Onda Slim – Women’s Pants – $95 / $85.50
  • Montone – Men’s Pants – $86.67 / $78
  • Rondo Slim – Men’s Pants – $95 / $85.50