Thank you to everyone who came out to support Castle Rock at Planet Granite Sunnyvale!  The final tally is in! In just one day, on March 21st, our communities came together and raised $10,725!  With our $10,000 match, that’s over $20,000 raised! And we have only YOU to thank!

With emcees Patty Nowak and Mitch Newman, the night kicked off to a great start, filled with witty banter, awesome gear and fast, cut throat bidding.  Ok, so maybe not quite cut throat, but there were more than a few items that proved to be wanted by many!

We were honored to host guest speaker, Reed Holderman, Executive Director of the Sempervirens Fund.  Last week, the Sempervirens Fund announced they would provide $250,000 to keep Castle Rock State Park open for one more year.  It is directly due to community fundraising efforts such as this one  (click HERE to find out about other upcoming fundraisers) that Castle Rock State Park will stay open!  We’re not out of the woods yet though, one year is a huge step, but Sempervirens is aiming to keep CRSP open permanently!

Special thanks to REI, for donating over $5000 in product!   We had everything from small packs and picnic supplies to 8 person tents!   However, it was also due to all our sponsors for making this event a success!  It truly is a community effort!

Stay tuned – we’re hosting another fundraiser this fall for the American Safe Climbing Association!  In the meantime, get inspired and join us for two awesome slideshows!  In April, our two Planet GRANTS It! recipients will be presenting amazing tales of their travels to Patagonia and China.

A little more background on Castle Rock State Park and the State Closures:
On July 1st of this year, 70 California State Parks were scheduled to be closed indefinitely. Portola and Castle Rock State Parks are two of the 70 parks slated for closure due to California budget cuts. The Portola and Castle Rock Foundation, the Sempervirens fund, Save the Redwoods League, and Adventure Out have launched a campaign to save these important natural resources.  On March 14th, the Sempervirens Fund announced that through private donations, they would provide the CA State Parks with the necessary funding to keep Castle Rock State Park open for one more year.