The ASCA is responsible for replacing most of the worn out bolts found at our local crags

As part of our PG Gives Back program, we pledged to match up to $20,000 of funds raised between Oct 1-15th, 2012 for the American Safe Climbing Association.


Thanks to all the PG staff who helped make this event happen! R to L, Jeff, Mitch, Patty, Rebecca, Tommy, Chris, Renee, & Carolyn (& photographer Stephanie Ko Pound).

As part of our pledge, we hosted a Live Auction Fundraiser with guest speaker Tommy Caldwell!  With tons of donated auction items and lots of psyche for the climber-run, bolt replacing, non-profit organization, we raised over $7,500 in just one night!  The highlight was when Climb the Nose in a Day with PG Member Jim Herson went for $2,000!!!


Lucky bidder Mirko and his family with Jim Herson.

It’s a good day when raising $7,500 is considered just a step towards the end goal of raising $20,000, which with our match would become $40,000!  Donations came pouring in, both from Supertopo’s Chris McNamara’s online ebay auction and great supporters both near and far in the great climbing community who wanted to be sure their dollar counted for two.


Tommy inspiring us with his adventures.

In the end, over $23,000 was raised in just 15 days, meeting our goal!  This is a great climbing community and we are so psyched for everyone’s support!

And don’t forget, it’s your Planet Granite gym membership that allowed us to help out the ASCA!  For every member, we pledge to donate $1.  Members can choose one of three categories: Climbing, Community and the Environment.  Check out what we donated in 2011 and stop by the Front Desk if you’d like to choose where your $1 goes!


What an amazing night! Thank you everyone for coming out!