PG Team - comp photo
Coach Mike Abell and some of the PG Climbing Team!

This season’s Youth Climbing Team has been rocking it!   Our team of coaches have built a motivated group of young climbers through rigorous, but fun training.  “This is one of the strongest groups of kid’s I’ve seen in the past few years” says PG Sunnyvale Coach, Mike Abell. “These kid’s are not only naturally talented, but are really driven towards improving physically and mentally.”

On May 14th, Planet Granite’s Competitive Climbing Team went head to head with some of  the best youth climbers from the area at the Northern California Regionals in Reno, Nevada.   The competition was tough, but our team pulled through!  Seven of our competitors are invited to compete at Divisionals in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 12th!  Overall, our team placed 2nd, beating out some teams with twice the number of kids competing (team scores are a cumulative score from every competitor)!  Way to go PG Team!

To help send our coaches to SLC, we’re having a bake sale!  This Monday and Wednesday, our team is selling scrumptious and yummy home-baked delicousness.  Stop by! 

Congrats to our PG Competitive Climbing Team:

Rankings from N. California Regionals:
AJ Brundage: 5th difficulty / 4th speed
Madison Cline: 4th difficulty / 5th speed
Clara Conover: 10th difficulty / 6th speed
Garrett Conover: 4th difficulty
Amanda Keys:  9th difficulty / 7th speed
Nate Linden: 1st difficulty / 2nd speed
Sami Linden: 7th difficulty / 11th speed
Alex Plotnikoff: 5th difficulty
Abigail Santullo: 13th difficulty / 5th speed
Sebastian Vargas:  8th difficulty / 9th speed
Mirko Caballero: 1st difficulty / 1st speed (PG Member)

*Those in purple were invited to compete in Salt Lake City!  Congrats!!