The Access Fund just sent out this Alert:

We need your help to save wilderness climbing at Christmas Tree Pass, a desert climbing area two hours south of Las Vegas, from a National Park Service proposal to remove all fixed anchors.

Last April the National Park Service issued a draft copy of a proposed wilderness management plan for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, including the climbing found at Christmas Tree Pass. While this plan does much to preserve wilderness values and protect cultural resources in the Lake Mead area, planners also proposed that the climbing bolts be removed, stating that “…the bolts do not receive much use, are not NPS sanctioned, and are not consistent with the area’s wilderness character.”

Several of the 90 plus climbs, established as far back as 35 years ago, receive traffic regularly. Furthermore, the NPS has a well-established and longstanding history of balancing climbing and wilderness character at numerous parks across the country. This wholesale removal of climbing anchors is unprecedented, and at no time has the placement of these anchors at Christmas Tree Pass required prior authorization by the NPS.

Please take a moment and use our easy letter-writing tool to submit comments to Lake Mead NRA planners by July 2, showing them that there are management alternatives that allow climbing access at Christmas Tree Pass while also preserving wilderness values.