Summit Rock

Summit Rock, a local climbing area nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains, has been closed year round due to peregrine nesting.   The Access Fund has been working to change the year round closure to seasonal, which would allow climbers back into the park during the off season.

Back in 2011, we helped raise over $3000 to re-open Summit Rock.     The money raised covered the cost of bringing out nationally recognized Peregrine expert Dr. White to assess whether a year round closure was needed and to make a recommendation as such.  He found that a seasonal closure would be sufficient!

Fast forward to 2013, and now the Access Fund is working with locals: they want to open the park to climbing through permitted use with the help of volunteers who can monitor the birds and educate visitors about peregrine nesting.  The future of Summit Rock depends on good volunteer participation; if you’re interested in helping, please read below!

Volunteer Wildlife Monitor-Summit Rock

Job Description:

County of Santa Clara, Department of Parks and Recreation is seeking volunteers to assist with the monitoring of special-use permit, recreational activities in a sensitive habitat environment, and monitor and document behaviors of peregrine falcons during the non-breeding season of the peregrine falcon utilizing Summit Rock (September 1 through December 31 of each year). Parks is seeking to re-open Summit Rock during limited periods of the day (Thursday-Sunday) from 8AM-4PM to permit-holders only. Parks is seeking volunteers to assist with educating the public that the area is only open to permit-holders and assist with monitoring and documenting the behavior of the peregrine falcons during this time of restricted access. Selected, interested volunteers will be required to attend a training on peregrine falcon behavior, recording collected data, radio usage and customer service/contact. This is not an enforcement position, however it is expected that the on-site volunteer will contact users and notify them of the required permit. The volunteer will educate non-permit users and educate them on the permit process, and notify Park Ranger staff for enforcement needs.


  • Ability to hike in remote, rugged areas off-trail to observation locations.
  • Strenuous hiking required, with poor footing
  • Ability to make contact with park users
  • Operate a park radio
  • Able to observe and document bird behavior

Typical Duties:

  • Shifts are starting at 8AM. Parks is looking to cover shifts from 8AM-4PM Thursday-Sunday September 1-December 31 each year to monitor this pilot program (typical shifts are in blocks of 4-6 hours).

If you have any question,

Senior Ranger Flint Glines will be the Main Point of Contact for Summit Rock Volunteers