Thank you to everyone who participated in the May Challenge at PG Sunnyvale!

After ranking everyone’s submitted time for the Plate Pinch Challenge, we have found our two winners. Congratulations to Jeremy M. and Christine M. for holding the longest time for the Plate Pinch Challenge! You each both win a Planet Granite T-Shirt of your choice! Check out the leaderboard of the Top 10 submissions for this challenge to see how you did in the challenge:

Men’s Leaderboard

  1. Jeremy M 2:32
  2. Albert H. 2:24
  3. Nick P. 2:17
  4. Justin D. 2:05
  5. Christopher F. 1:48
  6. Joey P. 1:47
  7. Garrett C. 1:19
  8. Alex W. 1:17
  9. Stephen T. 1:02
  10. Kevin R. 1:01

Women’s Leaderboard

  1. Christine M. 2:12
  2. Nikita C. 1:56
  3. Jenica L. 1:37
  4. Bridget R. 1:14
  5. Eileen H. 1:08
  6. Melodie M 1:02
  7. Ashley V. :55
  8. Anne Marie V. :53
  9. Roshy I. :46
  10. Leah A. :44

The Monthly Challenges are brought to you by PG Sunnyvale’s F10 Fitness Manager Suzie Williams to promote the new F10 20-20-20 classes which are geared towards climbers. F10 20-20-20 will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm starting in June!
This new class will NOT require F10 Fundamentals or any lifting experience. Check out the class description below!

F10 20/20/20 is focused specifically for the climber as well as the fitness enthusiast who would like to gain more mobility and body weight strength and control. The class is broken down into 20 minute of mobility, flexibility, and balance training. The next 20 minutes is body weight strengthening, targeted to gymnastics type movements such as ring exercises, handstand progressions, palette movements, and midline accessory strength and stability. The last 20 minutes will focus on aerobic training using running, rowing, box jumps, and various other movements to train the cardiovascular system. If you are looking for a class that will help to improve your climbing and overall fitness, this is it! No fitness background required. Anyone is welcome to attend.

@PG Sunnyvale


June Challenge The Challenge:
Combine total number of reps in 3 exercises for your score. This challenge should take you 5 minutes from start to finish. Here are the following exercises:

  • 1 minute of Air Squats
  • 1 minute Rest
  • 1 minute of Pull-Ups
  • 1 minute rest
  • 1 minute of Burpees

The Equipment:
Open floor space and a pull-up bar

The Rules:
In order for your reps for each exercise to count, please follow these rules:
– Hip level must lower past knees
– Chin must go over the bar and arms fully extended
– Body must be fully extended and chest touch the ground

The Fun:
– Submit your name, time, date of submission, e-mail and witness signature in the drop box.
– Top scores will be posted and updated on a leader board each week, with the final leaderboard posted on July 1st!
– A Planet Granite t-shirt of your choice will be awarded to the top male and top female!

Check out the Work out of the Week for more information and visual examples for the June Challenge “The HIIT Triplet.”