PG’s ASCA Match

Each year since 2009, Planet Granite has worked with the American Safe Climbing Association to raise funds for their rebolting efforts for crags around the world. Through live fundraisers, climb-a-thons, and the Planet Granite match, we have been able to donate and raise over $324,000 dollars. That is quite a few bolts!

During the month of October, Planet Granite will be matching funds to the American Safe Climbing Association up to $20,000.

How can you help?

  1. Donate at during the month of October to have your donation matched by Planet Granite.
  2. Participate in Battle for Bolts at Belmont or Portland – This annual climb-a-thon happens over 12 hours overnight at the gyms! All proceeds go to the ASCA! Each B4B will also wrap up with a Pancake Breakfast that is open to all! Grab some delicious pancakes for $5 with all profits going to the ASCA.
  3. Buy merch – Find ASCA merch around the gym and all profits go to the ASCA  plus you get awesome items.
  4. Grab outdoor gear! Outdoor Gear Lab is an ASCA partner as well! All the proceeds from their gear lab ebay store goes to the ASCA during October too!
  5. Live Auction Fundraiser – On October 24th at 7pm, PG SF will host a live auction filled with awesome items. Join us and get awesome deals on gear, experiences, and more! In addition, Margo Hayes, the first woman climber to send a 5.15a (twice!), will also be doing a presentation after the fundraiser.

Why is this so important?

Have you climbed outdoors? If so, you have probably seen some sketchy bolts in your time. Over the years, climbing tech has gotten much better and the same can be said for bolts. Many areas that have been bolted for a while have 1/4″ bolts that are getting older and many bolts are from the 70s and 80; that means they are almost 40-50 years old now! They are nearing the end of their lives and rebolting is not something that is regulated. The ASCA both rebolts areas and works with local organizations to supply bolts for local rebolting efforts. To date, they have upgraded over 6,300 bolts.

The American Safe Climbing Association is run on bare bones, with 95% of their funds going directly to bolting materials and they get almost half their annual budget from Planet Granite’s matching effort.

Have you climbed a route that the ASCA has rebolted?

Below are some of the areas on the west coast that the ASCA has rebolted. To see a more comprehensive list – check


Mt. Lemmon


Alabama Hills
Benton Crags
Berkeley Area
Big Sur Coast
Calaveras Dome
Cardinal Pinnacle
Courtright Reservoir
Dome Rock
Elephant Knob
Great Falls Basin
Inyo Mountains
Joshua Tree
Los Padres National Forest
Little Egypt
Lover’s Leap
Lower Kern River
Mickey’s Beach
Mission Gorge
Mt. Diablo
Mt. Whitney
Owens River Gorge
Parker Bluff
Phantom Spires
Pine Creek
Tollhouse Rock
Tuolumne Meadows
Whitney Portal
Mt Woodson
Southern Yosemite
Yosemite Big Walls
Yosemite Free Climbs


Boulder Canyon
Clear Creek Canyon
Eldorado Canyon
Independence Pass
Lily Lake
North Table Mountain
Rocky Mountain National Park
South Platte
South Saint Vrain Canyon


Chimney Rock
City of Rocks


Las Vegas Limestone
Red Rocks


Canyon Creek
Menagerie Wilderness
Mill Creek Wilderness
Opal Creek Wilderness
Smith Rocks
South Umpqua
Wolf Rock


Arches Area
Desert Towers
Indian Creek
Little Cottonwood
Moab Area
Potash Road
Zion National Park




Grand Teton National Park