We did it! With your support, we will be able to donate $50,382 to the ASCA in October!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped in reaching this goal! You helped us raise over $30K in cash and goods and, with Planet Granite’s match of $20K, that means a whole lot of bolt replacements! 

Each $50 helps replace 5-10 bolts…

For anyone interested, here is where our donations came from:

  • Peter Croft Live – Silent Auction – Kick off: This event was a rousing success and helped us start our fundraiser with a bang! Almost $6,000 raised
  • ASCA Trucker Hats: These stylish hats were $20 each with $10 of each hat going to the ASCA Over $700 raised
  • Battle for Bolts: 12 hours of climbing. Overnight. Yeah. But from the almost 100,000 vertical feet climbed, we raised almost a fourth of our goal! Over $2,000 raised
  • Outdoor Gear Lab: An auction for gently used items with proceeds in October going to the ASCA
  • The ASCA’s website which received both monetary donations and goods to be used in future fundraisers! 

This year’s donation means that since 2009, Planet Granite’s community has been able to raise and donate over $300,000 to the ASCA!