competitor collage

Battle for Bolts, Planet Granite’s first ever 24-hour climbing competition and fundraiser, was epic in so many ways…

Games and challenges kept competitors on their toes for all 24 hours. Fantastic sponsors donated a giant prize pool. Awesome overnight staff kept up everyone’s energy and psyche. To top it all off, the event raised money and support for the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA). All these points made the event great. However, what really took Battle for Bolts to stratospheric heights is this:

The Battle for Bolts competitors were INCREDIBLE. Every single team surpassed all expectations, both ours and their own, in every imaginable way. In 24 hours the average competitor slept 1-2 hours and climbed thousands of vertical feet. They climbed through sore hands, tired muscles, exhaustion, and crazy challenges designed to push them even harder. Most importantly, no matter how tired competitors felt, they invariably displayed humor, positivity, and a drive to push far beyond their old limits.

winners collage

Congratulations to winning teams! Upper left: Mei and Gary, winners of the Advanced category. Bottom left: Ross, Tim, Brennan and Sam, first and second place teams in the Open category. Right: Ryan, Zara, and Karin, winners of the relay category

Now that the dust has settled, it’s clear that Battle for Bolts was not about crowning the strongest, the most dedicated, or the “best” climbers. Instead it was an opportunity for individuals to test themselves. Needless to say all competitors met this challenge, pushed far beyond what they believed themselves to be capable of, and were rewarded with insights into their own abilities.

So, on behalf of all Planet Granite Belmont staff, thank you to all our competitors! You all were amazing and made this event a huge success. I hope by now you’re recovered, and that the knowledge and experience you gained through the event serve you well in future climbing. And to all other climbers out there: 24 hours of climbing may sound insane, impossible or both. But there’s only one way to find out…

Group picture

Thanks to our sponsors: Naturewise, Icebreaker, CAMP, Patagonia, SFT Climbing, Evolv, Muscle Milk, Flashed, Black Diamond, Lululemon, Skout, Two Ogres, and House of Bagels. You all donated amazing prizes, snacks, energy drinks, and more, and we couldn’t have run this competition without you!

Finally, thank you to the ASCA! Keep replacing those old bolts, and next time we clip an ASCA bolt we’ll think of you and the work you put in to maintain our favorite climbs.

Staff collage

PG Belmont staff having fun and working hard at Battle for Bolts