Beta Babes 150521

All new: Beta Babes Training Edition

7:00-8:00pm, Thursday July 16th, Planet Granite Belmont

In honor of a beautiful summer and our wonderful members, this July’s Beta Babes event at Planet Granite Belmont will be a little different – we’re going to kick things up a notch. But don’t worry; it’s still fun and still free!

In this Beta Babes you should expect one hour of hard work and skill development. We are leading a short technique workshop including specific bouldering workouts to help you master your footwork, followed by a training circuit in the upper workout area to make you sweaty and strong. The event is only one hour long, so you will have plenty of time to climb with friends afterwards. Whether you will be able to, though, is another question…

We will start this special beta Babes workout promptly at 7:00pm at PG Belmont.

Check out our Facebook Page to RSVP and for more info!