Planet Granite Lead Supervisor Evan greets the kids and talks to them about the rules of climbing in our gym

This past week, the Santa Clara Firefighters made their annual trek to Planet Granite Sunnyvale for their Better Together program. For nearly 20 years, Planet Granite has hosted this amazing group who dedicate their time to better the lives of local 6th graders in Santa Clara.

Established in 1989, Better Together works to connect firefighters with youth to provide coaching and mentorship and other life skills.  Through a variety of different activities, the students focus on self-esteem, decision making, communication and teamwork.  This program is entirely funded by the Santa Clara Firefighters Foundation, a non-profit that relies heavily on firemen volunteering as well as organizations such as Planet Granite to sponsor the events.  The program is free for the participating students.


A number of Santa Clara Firefighters donate their time to work with the Better Together Program.

Each year, Better Together brings about 50 6th graders to Planet Granite for a day of climbing.  As part of  PG Gives Back, Planet Granite donates belay lessons to teach the Firefighter volunteers to manage the ropes, and the day passes and equipment for the students.  Rock climbing, as Better Together Program Coordinator Zach McGhie noted, is the perfect activity for his program as it combines and reinforces the trust, communication and other life skills they have been teaching the students throughout the school year.   We’re proud to work with them and it’s been awesome to watch this program grow!


This year, as a special treat, the Santa Clara Firefighters brought along their fire engines!