We’ve all experienced amazing moments that climbing has brought to us; whether it’s through the friendships we’ve made or the beautiful places it’s taken us. 

That’s why we created the PG Gives Back Program.

PG Gives Back
Our goal is to use our business as a means to have impact in the various issues that surround climbing, community and the environment.

It is because of YOU, our members and guests that we are able to support these amazing organizations!


Mentoring Urban Youth Outdoors” 


BCM partners with community based youth organizations and adult volunteers who act as mentors in the field to help young people realize their potential.

In the Bay Area specifically, BCM delivered –
– 564 youth program days for under-resourced youth
– 48 teens experienced week-long mentoring expeditions
– 51 mentors volunteered their time
– 60 students participated in program days at Planet Granite rock gyms.

**And in 2013 alone, with the help of Planet Granite, BCM impacted 2,000 students nationally!

As a way to say ‘thanks’ to our members for enabling us to run this program,we’d like to share a letter we received from Anders Fristedt with Big City Mountaineers– 

Expressing his appreciation of our donations and detailing a few of the memories and accomplishments of the young adults that participated in their 2013 programs.


HUGE thanks for helping us set up the ‘end of the year BCM climbing day’ at Planet Granite!

9 teens and 9 mentors had the opportunity to challenge themselves, reflect upon their 2013 expedition, and celebrate their collective accomplishments!

The teens all stepped outside of their comfort zone and had a great time.

Melinda, from East Oakland Boxing Association (EOBA), set a goal to climb a 5.7 by the end of the day.  Francisco, a multi-year BCM mentor, belayed her throughout the day and kept encouraging her when she would give up half way up the climb.  After 3 hours of climbing, she was tired, but determined, Ok, Francisco, will you belay me, just one more time, I have to get this!”  Francisco and her peers kept up the encouragement and she made it to the top.  She was beaming with pride when she got down!


When I walked over and gave her a high five, she said, I know this is an easy climb for most people here, but for me it was hard.  I never get to do this kind of thing in Oakland, I feel so good about myself right now! Having met Melinda in East Oakland, where there are a lack of resources, it was awesome to see her feeling confident and assured.

PG End of Year Celebration 2013

PG End of Year Celebration 2013

After the climbing was complete, everyone headed outside and had lunch together on Crissy Field.  We debriefed the day and I asked the group to reflect on, “What are the similarities between our outdoor expedition and our climbing session today? Are there lessons that you learned on the expedition that you were reminded of today?

Valentine, 15 years old from EOBA, told the group after a pause, I don’t know how to explain it.  I had never been in the mountains before last summer and it was so awesome.  The silence, the trees, I could just think so clear out there.  Today, when climbing I was totally focused on what I was doing and I did not have any stress at all.  It was like being back out there.  It’s cool you can get that feeling even here in the city.  I don’t know….can I go back next summer?

Again, big thanks the team over at PG San Francisco, they were super helpful (as always)!

What a great year it’s been for BCM and PG!

We significantly increased the number of teens we serve in California, more than doubled the number of BCM teens who were introduced to indoor climbing, and recruited a number of great mentors from the Planet Granite community.

We expect to continue on this trajectory and make 2014 even more impact-full for the students that we are serving!