Bloc Party 2011 Flyer

Friday, August 19th – Planet Granite Sunnyvale

Friday, September 16th – Planet Granite Belmont

Friday, October 14th – Planet Granite San Francisco + Onsight Series Final

Reg Table, Sports Basement and The North Face!

The comp was a HUGE success! With over 450 competitors, these comps just keep on growing. Kyle and Joey grilled up over 350 patties, 100 hot dogs and we had snacks galore. Thanks to everyone who came out – we even raised $100 for the Access Fund from the Dyno for Dollars comp! For photos from the comp, please visit the album on our Facebook Page. Scores are posted here.
In spite of the numbers, there was lots of climbing to go around

The North Face throwing out goods to the crowd

Mens Womens
Open Ben Polanco (aka the Flea) 18,490 Natasha Barnes 15,650
Advanced Jacob Ehrlichman 13,980 Renee Ross 11,080
Recreational James Etchells 7,100 Daneth Nucum 4,990

girl crushers

Remember – the top 5 competitors overall (check out our top ten list below!) will be invited to compete in our Onsight Series Final at PGSF with a chance to win up to $150 in cash! See you again at PG Belmont!

Mens Womens
1st Ben Polanco 18,490 Natasha Barnes 15,650
2nd Brett Ashton 18,470 Melodie Chu 15,090
3rd Brian Hedrick 18,470 Courtney Ceran 14,860
4th Jasper Bote 18,450 Linda Nguyen 13,450
5th Kyle Rafa 17,990 Raquel Rheads 11,820
6th Jondo Lopez 17,950 Renee Ross 11,080
7th Cyril Lavier 17,670 Amanda Keys 10,900
8th Artem Biryukov 17,500 Lisa Tang 10,300
9th Mirko Caballero 17,450 June Lin 10,240
10th Keith Share 17,000 Sara Evenson 9,810

photo by Luke Stefurak