Bloc 16

For longtime Planet Granite climbers, the Bloc Party needs no introduction.  But as we prep for this year’s Bloc Party Bouldering competitions, we wanted to spread the word about our annual bouldering face-off for anyone who is new to our community.

Bloc Party is a competition.  The second word in the name is not accidental, though: Bloc Party is just as importantly a party–the raddest party for climbers that we can put together every year.  We thrill our members and visitors with new problems, we shower them with free gear from awesome brands, and we offer a smorgasboord of free food and drink, including tasty beer for those who are done climbing for the day.  

Where and When

  • Aug. 20, Planet Granite Sunnyvale, Noon-5pm                     Price: Free for Members, Day Pass price ($25) for Non-members
  • Sept. 17, Planet Granite San Francisco, Noon-5pm              Price: Free for Members, Day Pass price ($22) for Non-members
  • ***Please note:  Instead of a Bloc Party this Fall, Belmont will host a Battle For Bolts to benefit the ASCA and outdoor climbing safety***

The Prizes

Best of all, we’ve corralled a collection of prizes that would be the envy of Santa Claus (he covets approach shoes for treading around roofs, and the ropes he needs to raps down the chimney, but you probably knew that already).

These prizes galore at the end of the day don’t just go to the top finishers in women’s and men’s divisions based on skill level.  They also go to climbers throughout our community, each of whom gets a raffle ticket with admission to the Bloc Party.

This year we’ve got an amazing group of corporate sponsors who will raise the bar on the prize pool to never-before-seen levels.

Why should you care about sponsors?    It’s simple:

Higher stakes=Higher stoke


Photo motivation

 While you’re getting ready for this year’s Bloc Parties, training hard on the hangboard and in the bouldering areas, here’s a collection of our photo galleries from last year’s Bloc Parties for some added motivation:

San Francisco

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