Crissy Field was buzzing with activity last Friday night at Planet Granite’s final Bloc Party of the year, including the Onsight Series Final!

Bloc Party 4

Competitors arrived to a PG bouldering area full of fresh new problems with clean, shiny holds.

The movement did not disappoint with all styles of climbing represented!

Climbers tested their skills on burly compression moves, crimps and technical footwork, dynos, mantels and more.  There was something for everyone!

Three competitors

For fuel and hydration, competitors and their supporters had a TON of complimentary goodies to choose from: refreshments from TurmericALIVE, Honest Tea, a caffeine boost from FLUX cold-brew coffee, a sweet treat from The Cookie Department and a mini-meal from one of Kate’s Bars at the registration table.

Bloc Party free food

For added entertainment climbers could pile into the Glass Coat Photo Booth to snap some pictures and take a rest between attempts. The hypnotic beats provided by local techno dj Si Moore kept the party going and the adrenaline high.

Entertainment 2

Always a crucial element to the success of BLOC party is the ever-enthusiastic staff at PG!

With their heart in the right place, they’re always psyched and ready to help in any way.

PG Staff

After the competition was over, the scores were tallied and the Onsight Series Final began…

Both men and women competitors appeared cool and confident on finals problems 1 and 2.

Finals 1 and 2

The competition came to a dramatic conclusion in the center chamber of PG SF on the 3rd and last problem of the evening.

The crowd went wild when Katie Lamb made quick work of the crimpy highball for the women’s problem, being the only female to stick the dynamic move out to the final holds, and on her first try!

Wmn's finals 3

Ethan Pringle dominated on the men’s problem as the only male competitor able to match the crux hold and send the problem!

Ethan epic send

All the competitors tried hard and gave super impressive performances!

Men                                                                 Women

1. Ethan Pringle                                          1. Katie Lamb

2. Andrew Lamb                                        2. Melodie Chu

3. Mirko Caballero                                    3. Jacquelyn Wu

After the prizes were given out, the audience had all hands raised as tubes of ClimbOn and Evolv cozies came whizzing through the air.  Nobody went home empty handed!


After all is said and done, PG’s annual Bloc Party is more than just a competition!

It’s a night for the local community to come together in support and celebration of our shared love and passion for climbing. Thanks for coming out and see you next year!

Scores posted here

All photos posted here

A BIG thanks for the goodies received from our sponsors:

Kate’s Bars
Honest Tea
Turmeric-The Elixir of Life
Five Ten
La Sportiva
Black Diamond


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Written by Jacquelyn Moore. Jackie settled down in San Francisco in 2009 and quickly fell in love with Northern California and Planet Granite! She loves all aspects of rock climbing and when she’s not pulling on granite, she likes running, obsessing over nutrition and planning her next trip outside.