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If you’ve been feeling a strong sense of anticipation in the air lately, just know you’re not the only one. Our community is getting amped for the return of Bouldering League at Planet Granite San Francisco, and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic season! With a newly constructed wall to climb, clever team names emerging and a supportive competition, this is one community you’ll want to crush with!

Here to chat with us about the League is long-time Planet Granite member, Stanley Lui. Stanley has been involved in Bouldering League for three years running and has made an impressive impact on PG community events as a whole.


Hey Stanley!

PG: How many seasons have you been a part of Bouldering League?

Stanley: Oh, this is a tough question…maybe season 3? Oh man, how time flies! I gotta think about my team names. Let’s see, there was “You don’t win friends with salad”. I would wager a guess that it’s been six seasons. Yea, I’m gonna say six seasons. For our first team 3 years ago, I decided that we needed to create a strong bond. So, I made us matching super hero League t-shirts!  It worked!

Stanley and friends

PG: What do you think of the community that represents bouldering league?

Stanley: I think Bouldering League is a similar representation of the rest of the gym as a whole. We have amazing people, and I love everyone that climbs here! Climbing here has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Bouldering League is an extension of that feeling. You get an opportunity to open up to people you wouldn’t normally think of talking to. The best part is that you make lasting connections through Bouldering League.

PG: What can someone brand- new to the league expect from this event after they sign up?

Stanley: Well, the biggest barrier I’ve come across in recruitment, is the “what do people think of me?” mentality. And once we break past this point, we create an inclusive and fun environment. Also, there’s pizza!

Stan BL

PG: How intense is the competition? Does each participant need to be able to climb a V7?

Stanley: The competition is all casual; it’s not super serious. I feel that a lot of beginner climbers come in feeling self-conscious about their performance. But it’s important to note that everyone here is supportive. We all started from V0 and everyone is here to encourage you. As long as you try hard, that’s all any of us (veterans) could ask of you. If you can try hard, you’ll fit right in.

PG:What is it about Bouldering League that encourages you to keep coming back?

Stanley: I don’t think there’s anything quite like a nice slice of pizza after League! In all seriousness, it’s the environment and the competition style. I love having designated climbing areas just for League, where everyone can work on the same projects together. Whether it’s the same group of people from past seasons, new groups, and old friends, I love knowing that they will all be there Thursday night, ready to hang out, and share pizza and climbs. . *laughs* I keep wanting to come back to the pizza! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but, I love pizza. Most of all, I would want anyone on the fence about joining League to know that you are already welcome here.

PG: Which wall is your favorite to compete on?

Stanley: Hopefully it will be the new back wall. It looks really steep and the angles look outstanding! In fact, that’s what I am most looking forward to for this up-coming season. But for now, it’s the ramp. It really forces you to try hard. When you’re upside-down, you can be sure scoring points is a secondary thought here.

PG: Which team name is the best one you can remember out of all your past seasons?

Stanley: Well, there have been a lot of really great “chalk/rock puns” out there. But for me, “Chalk and Awe” is the one that’s highest up there! It’s the one that I remember the most. They actually ended up winning.


Thank you so much, Stanley!


For anyone interested in checking out Bouldering League, here are the important details!:

Bouldering League starts Thursday, March 24th and runs every other Thursday night for a total of 4 Thursdays.

Location: Planet Granite San Francisco @ 7pm!

Whether you’re signing up with a team or an individual, we want you here!

PG San Francisco B.L. Draft Night: Wednesday March 16th @ 6pm (but you can sign up anytime!).