PG Belmont will be the new steep training center!

Since July 27, the lower bouldering room at Planet Granite Belmont has been under construction. You can see in the images below the various stages of construction.behind the curtain

Behind the Curtain…

Danny and the bouldering wall

Danny going to town on the old walls.


empty room

And then there was none!

It took less than a week to remove the frame and foam from the previous featured bouldering room. After clearing the room down to the building’s foundational concrete slab, workers began laying down steel beams to outline the frame where new walls would be put up.

and then there was none

border of the new floor

Framing for the new floor!

Today workers continue to cut steel and weld them into what is starting to look like a really amazing bouldering section. The most vertical walls look much taller than before and the overhanging walls are equally as awesome as those found in the new outdoor bouldering area at Planet Granite Sunnyvale. Planet Granite Belmont will also be installing a system board, as well as fitness rings, and seamless crash pads. Construction is estimated to be finished by mid-September. ┬áCheck out our Facebook Page – we’ll be posting more photos and details as they occur!


Check out the steepness!

the new steepness

Special thank to Colin of PG Belmont who is keeping us up to date on the construction and providing awesome photos!