We are thrilled to announce we will be working with Walltopia for our Portland gym!

Walltopia is extremely excited to be partnering with Planet Granite for their new Portland, OR location,” says Adam Koberna, Walltopia’s US Sales Manager.  “Planet Granite has built some of the best indoor climbing gyms in the country and we are honored for this opportunity to collaborate with them and push the limits of climbing wall design.”

Walltopia Space Wall Rendering

Walltopia Space Wall Rendering

Since launching in 1996, Walltopia has become an industry leader in climbing wall building and design.  Their walls can be found inside Stone Summit, Momentum, Stone Gardens, SoIll and other great facilities around the world.  Their creative designs and unique products, such as  3D curves, Space Walls, and non-marking surfaces create architecturally inspiring works of art that both look and climb amazingly well.

This is what keeps them psyched!  “Innovation and doing things that nobody has ever done or seen before,” Koberna adds. “We believe that we are in the beginning of massive growth for our sport and industry and everyone at Walltopia a is motivated to be a part of that. Combine that with clients who feel the same way and the psych never stops.”

130305 - Walltopia Stone Summit

Stone Summit in Atlanta, GA

Walltopia Logo

And we are psyched to work with them!  “I love their walls and will be proud to put them in our Portland gym,” says Planet Granite owner Micky Lloyd.  “Having built our own climbing walls in the past it has been nerve wracking to contemplate having an outsider build them for us. Seeing the quality of their product and the passion Walltopia has for innovation makes me comfortable that we have made the right choice.”

Over the years, Planet Granite has brought innovation to its climbing gyms, such as being the first to build a hydraulically adjustable crack and system board.  Planet Granite Portland will take the best of what we’ve built, and combined with Walltopia’s designs, be an amazing gym.  We’ve laid out some initial wall ideas and we can’t wait to see what Walltopia will dream up!


Prometheus 19: 3D molded fiberglass panels pushing the limits in comp wall design!

Planet Granite Portland will open in 2014!  Stay tuned for updates (plus we just uploaded some new design renderings of the building on our Portland Page!) Follow this blog, like the PG PDX Facebook Page or subscribe to our newsletter!