We are super excited to introduce LED MoonBoards to PG Belmont’s and Sunnyvale’s training areas!

Belmont’s 40 degree LED MoonBoard is up and ready for climbing! Download the app and start logging your ascents!

Sunnyvale’s new climbing training area also started construction and their LED MoonBoards should be up and running early October! Sunnyvale’s 25 and 40 degree MoonBoards will be accompanied by a 9′ campus board and a 24′ long Rogue Rig with hang boards and pull up bars!

What is a MoonBoard?

The MoonBoard is a standardized training wall that allows you to train on sequences and climbs set by people all over the world! The MoonBoard app allows you to find, log, and rate problems. You can also create your own problems and share them with the world!

Belmont and Sunnyvale’s MoonBoards are also equipped with LED lights that identify the holds to help climbers visualize their moves.

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Workout of the Week: Olympic Rings

Rings are a great tool for climbers to build shoulder, arm, and core strength. PG Sunnyvale staffer Daniel demonstrates exercises including Dips, Rows, Frenchies, and Climber Twists.

 TIME: How ever long it takes! DIFFICULTY:  Intermediate to Advanced EQUIPMENT:  Olympic Rings FOCUS: arms, shoulder, and core

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Workout of the Week: Controlled Hangboard Toe Touches

Do you hangboard? Even if you already use the hangboard in your climbing training, this week’s workout offers a tip on how to increase your core strength and leg and foot control by working out with a partner. 

 TIME: 20DIFFICULTY: All Abilities EQUIPMENT:  Hangboard, foam roller, and a workout buddyFOCUS: arms, hands, and core

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