Join us for a little chat with Caitlin, one of our yoga instructors in SF! We sat down with Caitlin to find out a bit more about her and her classes! 

Who are you? What do you teach? Emphasis on a specific type of yoga?

I’m Caitlin Talbot and I teach Restorative/Yin at Planet Granite on Wednesday nights. I also have taught Foundations.

What benefits can Foundations and Yin/Restorativelead to if done routinely?

Since the members of Planet Granite tend to  already be on the fit and active end of the spectrum, the Yoga Foundations class will help these students to increase a deeper connection to their breath, awareness, moving with ease and flexibility as well as establishing mental focus and a larger sense of well being. The Restorative/Yin class is especially helpful for those who want to increase their range of motion and enter a meditative space of deep physical awareness and letting go. Especially beneficial for those of us who tend to have fast-paced lives and don’t always take the time to slow down and unwind.

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