1/4/11 – We apologize for any inconvenience – this health lecture has been cancelled until further notice. 

Rock climbing breads Neanderthals.
Physical adaptations to the demands of vertical locomotion make the avid rock-climber more primate than modern-era athlete. From overdeveloped backs and internally rotated shoulders, to exaggerated spinal curves, muscular and postural imbalances are prevalent in the climbing population and can cause injury if not recognized and routinely corrected. 

Join Gabe Metzger, DPT in an interactive lecture to discuss climbing related imbalances and address common signs and symptoms of neck, nerve and shoulder dysfunction.

Speaker: Gabe Metzger (Doctor of Physical Therapy and former AMGA guide)
Date:  Friday January 7th
Time:  7 pm
Location: PG San Francisco – South Yoga Studio

 Gabe Metzger is a former AMGA-trained climbing guide turned Doctor of Physical Therapy, with special focus on orthopedic manual therapy. He practices in Marin, CA, using evidence-based medicine when possible to treat neuromuscular and musculoskeletal impairments. Gabe enjoys rock-climbing, mountain biking, modifying his 4×4 AstroVan and has climbed throughout the USA and abroad.