No matter what your experience, climbing offers consistent opportunities for improvement; it is one of the aspects that so many people love about it. That is why PG offers classes for everyone, whether you are stepping into a rock climbing gym for the first time or you are have been climbing since you could walk. Check out our single session and multi-session offerings! 

Intro to Climbing: Belay Lesson

Climbing on a rope requires two people: a climber and a person on the ground managing the ropes called the belayer.

This one-hour class will teach you the basics of belaying and climbing at Planet Granite. It’s the quickest way to start climbing the walls and includes a day pass + gear rental! Reservations recommended.

Beginner Rock Climbing 

An in-depth, 4-week introductory course to rock climbing:

Our very popular BRC consists of four lessons, the first of which will teach you how to belay. In the weeks that follow, you’ll learn efficient climbing techniques, bouldering, rope management, climbing terminology and more.

BRC also includes access to our gyms for the duration of the 4-week course. 

Fundamentals (Climbing and Bouldering)

A perfect follow up to the Intro to Climbing - Belay Lesson.

This 2-hour class covers the essential techniques, hand and body positions to build a foundation for climbing. There is a route-climbing and bouldering option. The bouldering class teaches you how to fall correctly and spot your fellow climber.

Balance and Technique (Climbing and Bouldering)

Looking for greater ease in your climbing? This 4-week course focuses on finding balance through precise footwork and optimal body positions, sequencing, and how to find rests. This class provides a solid foundation of technique, enabling a climber to move efficiently on the wall. The skills taught in this class are essential to every climber, from beginner to advanced. It is also the perfect class for anyone wanting to take their climbing to the next level or interested in lead climbing.

Balance & Technique also includes access to our gyms for the duration of the 4-week course. Plus, if you decide to join, we’ll waive your initiation fee. 

Crack Clinics

Learn how to crack climb in our two-hour clinics focused on techniques specific to different crack widths.

At Portland or San Francisco, start with our Hand Crack Clinic and learn the foundations of crack climbing: how to tape, hand jam and place your feet. Feeling confident with your hand jam? Great, discover the joy of think cracks in our Thin Crack Clinic. This class covers everything thin: ring locks, thin hands, finger stacks and of course, how to tape. Perhaps you are looking to suffer? This class is for you. From fists to buterflies to chicken wings our Wide Crack Clinic will cover techniques for the dreaded off-widths and transform you into everyone’s favorite climbing partner!

Belmont and Sunnyvale have their own crack clinic offerings: Start you with Fundamentals where you will learn the foundations of crack climbing: How to tape, hand jam, and place your feet. Then move to the Advanced Clinic to discover the joy of thin cracks and the grunt-fest of off-width! This class will give you the essential tools to climb all other sizes found in crack climbing from thin fingers and ring locks to fists and hand stacks! 

Intro To Lead 

Learn all you need to know how to lead climb and lead belay in the gym. This is a two-part course that meets for three hours per session. 

Lead II: Advanced Skills 

The next step after our Intro to Lead class.

Applicable for all levels, this class covers essential skills to improve your lead climbing. Topics covered include how to give soft catches, belaying with a Grigri, technique drills and personalized feedback to help you break through plateaus.

Private Lessons/Climbing Coaches

Have a big climbing objective in mind? Maybe you are just ready to optimize your gym time. If you are looking to push your body and mind and take your climbing to the next level, we have options beyond our classes—expert coaches are ready to work with you one on one. We have many experienced staff who are able to provide personalized training and instruction for your climbing!

Training (Power and Endurance/Warrior's Way)

Have a big climbing objective in mind? Maybe you are just ready to optimize your gym time. If you are looking to push your body & mind and take your climbing to the next level, these classes are for you.

Power and Endurance: If you're frustrated by a project, this class can help, whether you're pushing for a sustained powerful route or an epic 12-move boulder odyssey. Power and Endurance has two three-week modules to improve your explosive power and help you break through an endurance plateau. The program can be taken multiple times and is customized to each participant's abilities. The curriculum focuses on adapting training to your personal needs, whether you are a newer climber who is looking to push harder, or an advanced climber seeking to hone strength.

Please note, this is not a technique class. Students are highly encouraged to have a basic background in Balance & Technique and meet the prerequisite climbing level.

Guests: this course also includes access to our gyms for the duration of each of the three-week classes.

Warrior's Way: This training addresses falling directly to help improve commitment. We do progressive falling practice, followed by movement, breathing, resting, and body/mind awareness exercises. Finally, students apply everything to a goal route. Students leave understanding how to take appropriate risks, reduce fear, and how to commit to those risks.

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