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Climbing presents an individual challenge that also builds comradery. It’s a fun way for your team to get to know each other a little bit better while learning something new.

Teams are more powerful when their members communicate and build comfortable relationships.

Climbing is a powerful, unique way to explore the dynamic relationship between two people. It builds trust, expands comfort zones and builds communication skills. And on top of all that – it’s fun!

Teams collaborate more efficiently when members learn each other’s abilities and needs.

As the day unfolds, teammates will apply new skills and knowledge to solve problems. Teamwork comes into play when partners on the ground help out with blindfold climbing, and a little competition is added to the mix with relay races.

Custom workshopsCorporate Membership Deals

Rock climbing is a great way for employees to stay in shape and also a great way to relax together on a lunch break or after work! For inquiries about corporate memberships, email our membership team.

Corporate Teambuilding Workshop Price

Workshop prices include facilitators, rental equipment, and full use of facility and locker rooms.

Two-hour workshop: $50 per person
Additional hours (after two): $20/hr per person

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