Planet Granite wins regional team champions! Pictured are coaches (top left) John Dennery, Isaac Williams, (bottom left) Travis Booher, Ryan Honda and Jason Crase.  photo by Jim Herson


Every weekday afternoon, you can find groups of excited little (to not so little) kids working crushing your projects.  These youth make up Planet Granite’s Climbing Team headed by coaches Ryan Honda (PG Belmont), Isaac Williams (PG Sunnyvale) & Steve Lancaster (PG San Francisco).

Last month, the PG Climbing Team attended  NorCal Regionals and competed against other climbing teams in our northern California region.  With over 68 competitors, PG’s team was the largest presence by over 40 participants!  And of those 68 kids, over 30 scored high enough in their category and were invited to compete in Divisionals in Reno this Saturday!  Go Team!

CONGRATS to every climber!


Photo by 100% Raw Media. Visit their Facebook page (click on the above photo) for more shots from the recent Regionals Competition!


(F=Female, M=Male, y=Youth, A/B/C/D = Category competed).

PG Climbing Team @Regionals PG Climbing Team invited to Divisionals
Qwyneth Wong FyD Gwyneth Wong FyD
Emma Joing FyD Emma Joing FyD
Teresa Vltavsky FyD Tersa Vltavsky FyD
Calvin Cha MyD Calvin Cha MyD Regional Champion 1st
Benjamin Shwartzman MyD Benjamin Shwartzman MyD 3rd
Matthais Anderson MyD Matthais Anderson MyD
Phoebe Wong FyC Phoebe Wong FyC 3rd
Greta Foehr FyC Greta Foehr FyC
Chloe Austerfield FyC Chloe Austerfield FyC
Aleksandra Solodilov FyC Aleksandra Solodilov FyC
Svetlana Solodilov FyC Svetlana Solodilov FyC
Maya Hsu FyC Conner Herson MyC Regional Champion 1st
Haley Swenson FyC Marek Hertzler MyC 3rd
Faith Siebe FyC Daniel Seo MyC
Conner Herson MyC Anthony Lesik MyC
Marek Rogers MyC Kathryn Garcia FyB 3rd
Daniel Seo MyC Zoe Wong FyB
Anthony Lesik MyC Maddie Dong FyB
Mark Merrem MyC Samuel Espiritu Pico MyB 2nd
William Voorsanger MyC Sam Mcqueen MyB
Gregory Shklovski MyC Samantha Martin FyA
Micheal Santullo MyC Madison Cline FyA
Ahmet Aybay MyC Nate Linden MyA 2nd
Kathryn Garcia FyB Prabowo Halim MyA 3rd
Zoe Wong FyB Aleksander Antic MyA
Maddie Dong FyB Timothy Kang MyA
Katherine Raubenheimer FyB Jacob Scharfman MyA
Sami Linden FyB Courtney Ceran FjR 2nd
Kendall Tinianov FyB Ana Sofia Amieva-Wang FjR
Paige Shukwit FyB Alexei Likhtenberg MjR 2nd
Meshi Shachaf FyB Paul Lego MjR
Samantha Jaehing FyB
Tai Shwartzman FyB
Abigail Santullo FyB
Alaina Keys FyB
Nicole Agranonik FyB
Bella Chierici FyB
Samuel Espiritu Pico MyB
Sam Mcqueen MyB
Jaren Hohmann MyB
Ross Fulkerson MyB
Alex Berlaga MyB
Sam Holbrook MyB
Samantha Martin FyA
Madison Cline FyA
Kara Herson FyA
Leta Dickson FyA
Sophia Miller FyA
Emilie Sklar FyA
Natalie Renfrew FyA
Nate Linden MyA
Prabowo Halim MyA
Aleksander Antic MyA
Timothy Kang MyA
Jacob Scharfman MyA
Matthew Irwin MyA
Aidan Linscott MyA
Thierry De Crespigny MyA
Justin Pierce MyA
Losif Sobol MyA
John Peterson MyA
Ethan Lipka MyA
Ted Peterson MyA
Courtney Ceran FjR
Ana Sofia Amieva-Wang FjR
Alexei Likhtenberg MjR
Paul Lego MjR
David Cook MjR
Brennan Robinson MjR

Photos in this collage taken by 100% Raw Media. Visit their Facebook Page for more shots!