Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe you’ve heard their cheering – the Women of CrossFit Sunnyvale  can be found almost every night throwing weights around that many men wouldn’t even consider!  So is it difficult to be a female CrossFitter?  A perspective by Dawn, a regular CF Sunnyvale CrossFit Woman. 

Some of the women of CrossFit

 It’s intimidating walking into a gym and picking up a barbell for the first time. I’ve picked up barbells hundreds of times now and it can still be intimidating! It’s wonderful to have a group of women to support you and guide you, who understand the differences between your body mechanics and those of the 6 foot, 200 pound guy next to you.


The group of women at CrossFit Sunnyvale are all very different athletes with different strengths and weaknesses, but everybody’s capabilities have grown and improved – and that has very much to do with our camaraderie. There’s nothing like having a group of friends cheer you on through the final soul-crushing heavy back squat of your set, and knowing you’ll get to return the favor by cheering them on as they face their own challenges, whether under the barbell, on the pullup bar, with a jump rope or a kettlebell.




Working out with a group of women also gives us some healthy competition– if everyone else is adding 5lbs to their squat this week, maybe you can too. If you’re one of the stronger women in the group, you have to keep working hard and pushing yourself if you want to stay on top; if you’re not as strong or as fit, it’s exciting and inspiring to be surrounded by women who constantly give you goals to chase (“That girl has ten pullups,” “That girl has a double-bodyweight deadlift,” “That girl connected 50 double-unders,” “If she can do it, I can do it too!”).



Every CrossFit session is full of exhausting fun — we laugh a lot, we celebrate each others’ victories, we help each other through the inevitable struggles and setbacks, and together, we get stronger.