One way to get an edge climbing routes at Planet Granite: get inside the mind of the setter.  Now you can do just that by checking out the eGrips site, where there’s an extensive interview with Bret Johnston, Planet Granite’s Director of Routesetting.

BJ: We have such a huge customer base who deserve a super high quality product to climb on and we always have to be on top of our game or they notice, fast. I know that a lot of gyms are content with a certain level of performance but I am always looking for the next way to push the envelope. Not being content is something that sets us apart from the competition.


Bret dishes on his favorite grips, favorite pastime outside of climbing, and his favorite route at PG.

Be careful while you’re inside the mind of Bret, though!  There are pretty harrowing tales from his childhood. Just looking at him, you’d never know he grew up in an S&M chamber….