F10 Fitness is a core part of Planet Granite, and we’re always psyched to see climbers tearing it up in class–and members who love F10 get their bouldering in.

Now PG is proud to announce F10 Alpine, a new class created to help climbers and alpinists build muscular endurance for the next big adventure. It’s also great preparation for grueling endurance pursuits such as the Tough Mudder and Spartan races.

The curriculum was carefully developed by Sunnyvale Fitness Manager Suzie Williams, who, spurred on by her avid climber husband, spent a year of research perusing alpinist books and climbing training manuals to come up with the perfect cross-training program.


“I thought there was kind of a hole in our F10 program and wanted to create something that would very specific and focused more for climbers,” Suzie said. “It really is for the people who want to go do Shasta or want to go do a lot more challenging climbs as well as hikes. We’ll have classes where members have an option to bring their backpack loaded with the gear that they carry and do a lot of their workouts with their backpack, and they get to do it with a community of people.”

The programming focus is long grind intervals as opposed to the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) shorter heavier load training typically seen in F10 classes. Workouts will be 30-40 minutes with light load to help build both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The F10 Alpine class will be open to all participants, not just those who are cleared for the main F10 classes by having taken the prerequisite F10 Basics.


“I incorporated many climber-specific strengthening movements intended to go to failure in order to help build strength without the bulk,” Suzie said. “There’s also squatting, deadlifting and lunging, which are the fundamental movements to build leg strength.”

“It’s a good workout as far as working on your endurance,” said member Nora. “I’m going on a hiking trip later this year so I need to start getting in shape so this class is helpful for that.”

“This is what you need if you are doing anything outdoors that is a slow grind and more of a steady pace for a long duration,” said member Yash. “When you have some amount of weight on your back and you are probably just walking for 45 minutes without taking a break, this class is perfect to get you ready for that.”

F10 Alpine is currently offered only at the PG Sunnyvale location, so mark the classes on your calendar and come on over!

Classes are Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 10am
For more information email Suzie: