Erik Sloan and Tom Evans with the 800mm lens that took all those awesome shots.  Photo borrowed from The El Cap Report.
Erik Sloan and Tom Evans with his 800mm lens.  Photo borrowed from the El Cap Report.

Tom Evans of The El Cap Report has written his final post today.  As Climbing Narc so aptly put it, his reports have allowed those of us stuck at home to “vacariously live through the trials and tribulations that go along with climbing on The Captain.”    Thanks Tom for your years of reporting and good luck with whatever your future brings!

The Final ElCap Report 6/14/11 (click the link for more photos!)
By Tom Evans

Yo… Beautiful day here once again.  The Good News is that activity is heating up on all major routes.  The Bad News is that this is the final report that I will be writing on this site.  I was hoping to make it to the end of the month before retiring the Report, but I can’t make it… so this is the Final  ElCap Report.

I started the Report, several years ago, to bring ElCap back into the world climbing spot light, after it had languished in the backwaters of climbing for many years.  I got some help with posting pictures and soon the site took off, not only as a photo site but a site that told the stories of many climbers, well known and unknown.  Soon the site drew climbers to the ElCap Bridge, to see for themselves what was going on and in the process we developed the sense of community that had been missing for some time.  We had a new place to hang out and tell the stories of our adventures, all the while getting to watch our friends and fellow climbers striving to reach their dreams.  I have tried to make the site better by posting as many images as practical each day, and at the same time tell, in a few simple words, what I was seeing as I photographed the teams on the wall.  

I was surprised at the huge number of readers who visited the site and the positive response to what I posted.  It was not a simple matter of taking a few shots and writing something up in a few minutes.  It became an all consuming task, requiring 4 or 5 hours a day on a computer with the notoriously shitty internet connections here in the Valley.  It was a physically demanding schedule that allowed no time for anything else.  So now the time has come, as I approach my 67th birthday in a couple of days, to let it go and get out and do the other things I love to do in Yosemite.

I want to thank all of you who donated to the site, no matter what amount you sent.  As you may have read, I was robbed of most of my photo equipment this winter and have slowly replaced some of the essential items, as I was not able to collect any insurance.  My heart felt thanks goes out to all of you who have encouraged me over the years and offered your support.

The Final ElCap Report…written just for you…unique in all the world!

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