Rock Climbing Yosemite Valley


Now in PG Gear Shops! A brand new Yosemite guidebook chock-full of color photos, maps, and new routes not previously described in other guidebooks.

  • 750 free routes
  • 100+ pitches of new climbing
  • More than 250 routes rated 5.4 – 5.10a
  • 432 full color pages including topo maps
  • Photographers include Jimmy Chin, Eric Hanson, Greg Downing, Corey Rich
  • Vertical Life app included

Limited Edition Tee from PG’s own Lizzy Dalton

Item number two won’t stick around, so act now to grab a beautiful limited edition custom Tee designed by PG Portland’s own Lizzy Dalton:


 We caught Lizzy for a quick set of questions about her work.  She’s a very talented artist who focuses on mountains we all know and love, and wildlife.  She sells her drawings and prints on Etsy.

PG:  You’re a longtime climber and even longer-time artist.  Do you have specific formative works/mediums/experiences with art, recent or more distant, that were especially important breakthroughs in making you an artist?

Lizzy: My Cerro Torre piece was definitely a breakthrough work for me as an artist. It was the first landscape I drew in that style, and while my work has always found inspiration in the natural world it was the first time I approached that theme through a climber’s lens. Starting an Instagram account and Etsy store for my art was also a big step for me as an artist, both in helping me share my art with a larger audience and connecting with other artists, climbers, and lovers of the outdoors.

PG:  The skies behind your mountains often have prominent geometric patterns, and there’s geometry woven into your detail work on animals as well.  How’d that come about, and how do you find the right geometry for a piece?

Lizzy: I started playing with geometric patterns in my work in college. I’ve always looked at the world with a very scientific mindset, and I think the combination of precise geometric patterns with natural organic elements reflects the pattern and structure that form the natural world. Geometric symbols like mandalas also impart an almost spiritual significance to the subjects, and in works like Cerro Torre or Half Dome are meant to convey the the connection and draw we as climbers feel to those places.  


PG: You’ve got a great online presence—what’s it like selling your art on Etsy and promoting it online?  Do you do other work like graphic design as well?

Lizzy: For a long time I was making art but not really doing much to share it with others. Social media – Instagram in particular – has been an extremely useful tool for me to promote my work and I’ve found many opportunities through it. Etsy has been a great way to sell my art, but it can be challenging handling all the aspects of the business myself – shipping, bookkeeping, taking photos, writing listings, keeping the page up to date, and so on. I do take on a lot of various commissioned projects ranging from tattoo designs to illustrations for product packaging.

PG: Thank you for designing the custom T-shirt for us, we’re excited to share great art with our members!   Do you have any plans, climbing, art, or both, that you’re excited about that you’d like to share?

Lizzy: No big definite plans at the moment, although I do have lots of ideas for new projects and products for my Etsy shop. I think my next landscapes are going to be El Capitan, Smith Rock, and Red Rocks. I’ve also been working on some hand drawn pendant necklaces that I’m hoping to have available on Etsy soon. As far as climbing I don’t have any big trips planned at the moment but I’d really like to make it up to Leavenworth this summer!

Flashed gear now in stock

Last item on the shopping list–check out our new Flashed products. This brand has startling design and colors covering some really useful gear. We’ve got Billy Buckets chalk bags, Tanto padded bags and Sumi brushes aplenty, in stock now.  Product descriptions after the photo.  


The Tanto:

A clever pack and small crash pad hybrid that makes a nice supplemental crash pad and is large enough to carry all your bouldering gear and maybe even a rope, harness, and draws. It’s small enough that it can be carried inside larger pads, such as the Flashed Ronin, Shogun, Temple and Ninja.

Billy Bucket:

The Billy Bucket is a streamlined, chalk housing, accessories packing dream! Big enough for two hands to chalk up, 2 zipper compartments for all your personals, 2 elastic holders for brushes, pouch on the back and front for brushes or whatever you like. It also has a roll-top closure to make sure chalk stays put when coming to and from the gym or crag.

Sumi Brush:

The Japanese art of calligraphy was the inspiration behind this brush. Bouldering is much like Zen thought, confidence and flow are the main ingredients for success. The Sumi Brush was custom designed for climbing; longer bristles for durability, a secondary brush for tight spots, made of biodegradable material, strong handle that will not break and a clip for attaching to a chalk bag.