For this new series on the PG blog we’re turning the spotlight on the community in our Youth Climbing Teams.

The team kids and coaches at all our locations are an incredible group of climbers and we wanted to give them the attention they deserve for a ‘job well done’!

This first article in the series will introduce you to the different levels within our youth climbing team program. We also explore the mental ‘head-game’ that climbers go through during the moments that count during a competition. Stay tuned for more!

*Learn more about our Youth Climbing Team Program here.*

The crowd is a vast presence; cheers, groans and shouts of encouragement erupt at various intervals all around the room…  You try to shut it all out and relax while somewhere behind your back your competitors are climbing. They are succeeding  and eliciting cheers, falling to the sounds of stifled groans, and going through every step in between.  The clock is ticking down and when the buzzer sounds it will be your turn to stand up, turn around, and try to climb a boulder problem you have never seen before…  Time trickles away once again as you attempt to analyze the climb and make a plan, knowing that your every move will be watched and judged and counted. And when you have found your best sequence, tried your hardest, and climbed your highest, you have to go sit down once again, and try to shut out the cheers and groans of the crowd as you prepare to do it all over again…

Team 1

Photo credit: 100% Raw Media

Preparing for such an intense experience is not easy but the Planet Granite Youth Competition Climbing Team knows how to get it done!

They have been recently crowned Team Champions at the NorCal Regional and Divisional bouldering competitions and had a strong roster of climbers at ABS Youth Nationals.  The team and their coaches have been working hard, using drills, exercises, and the occasional fun game, to improve their power, endurance, technique, and mental approach.  And after all that they regularly endure the dreaded ‘half hour of power‘ that focuses on core strength and cardio fitness.

Team 2

Photo credit: 100% Raw Media

The Comp team is made up of focused and experienced climbers who have passed beyond the time when they need instruction on the basics of climbing.  But it is very rare for a climber to start out at this level!

Our youth program has groups for kids of all ages and abilities.

The Rock Monkeys Team is for kids from 8-12 of any skill level who are interested and focused on becoming better climbers as well as having fun. Rock Monkeys will do a warm up work out and play a fun game if they are lucky. Then  they practice a specific technical skill on the climbing walls under the watchful eye of their coaches.  Many kids start out in Rock Monkeys climbing one or two days per week and move up to another team as they become older, stronger, and more skilled.

The next level of the climbing team is the Intermediate/Advanced Team.  These groups are made up of older and stronger kids who usually work out together and get continued instruction on technical skills.  They are regularly given challenging workouts on the climbing walls and take part in core and cardio workouts.  They often can be identified around the gym by their signature cheer of “Advanced Team, Get Buff!!

From beginner climbers to potential national champions the PG youth program has a place for everyone!

*Next up – We’ll profile the kids and coaches that make up the Youth Climbing Teams @PG Belmont!

Team 3

PG Team kids do it with style at the boulders and at the comp! | Photo credit: 100% Raw Media