Welcome to Week Three of Seven Weeks of Sales! It’s “Gear Week.” Whether you’re cragging or getting your multi-pitch on, we’ve got all kinds of gear, from locking carabiners to quick draws, that can make your dreams of outdoor adventure a reality.

This week Planet Granite San Francisco team members Reinhard and Matt go over essential gear they plan to stock up on before their next big trips. Reinhard discusses Alpine draws, showing us how to make them with Camp Photon wire carabiners and the Mammut Contact sling, while Matt discusses the benefits of DMM offset nuts and Metolius Alien cams.

“First thing I’m loading up on is a ton more alpine draws,” says Reinhard. “They’re easy to make, not terribly expensive, and I personally prefer them to quick draws.”


“The beauty of any Alpine draw is that you always have two lengths available to you,” says Reinhard. “You can use the shorter length like you would a regular quick draw. Then, say if you pull a roof and you want to avoid rope drag, you can extend your sling and your quick draw length doubles. I make most of mine with the 60 cm sling, but I have at least four to six with the longer 120 cm length that can also double use as a sling for an anchor.”


“They’re really straightforward to make,” says Reinhard. “Simply clip wire carabiners on each end of your sling, then slip one carabiner through the middle of the other. Once you’ve done that, clip that the carabiner you just pulled through the other back on to the sling and pull tight.”

Now that we’ve got slings made, let’s move on to things to clip them to. Of course it could be a bolt, or it could be a shiny new cam or nut—both of which can also be found at a generous 20% discount this week.

The bolt versus trad gear question is a no-brainer for Matt, who prefers clipping into cams or nuts any day of the week. Making sure he’s got the right protection for each distinct type of crack is critical for Matt.


“DMM nuts are great because I set them and I can really rely on the placement, they’re special in that way,” says Matt. “Offsets can fit in a lot of different spaces and especially with the nuances of climbing crack systems, you can fit those nuts into a lot of different spaces that regular nuts aren’t going to hold.”


“Metolius cams have got a nice little feel to them,” said Matt. “I’ll place them and then I don’t have to worry about them. The trigger action is really solid, there’s definitely a lot of feel in there so you can get really good accuracy when you’re pulling back the cam and placing.”

Whether you pick up a few carabiners this week or completely restock your trad rack, we hope you enjoy this week of gear deals.

But remember, the sale only lasts through Sunday Dec. 6, so come see us this week!  Happy Holidays and stay tuned for next week when we’re back with some awesome reviews and recommendations on packs.


Nov 30-Dec 6
Quickdraws and Pro (including cams, nuts,& tricams)

Dec 7-13
Packs (including rope bags and backpacks)

Dec 15-20
Belay Devices and Carabiners (including the Petzl Grigri!)

Dec 21-27
Chalkbags and Chalk Buckets

Dec 28-Jan 3

Limited to stock on hand; additional discounts do not apply;  some exclusions apply.