The PG Gear Shop strives to bring you the best products on the market. which is why we’ve brought two new awesome shoe brands to the shelves, Butora and Tenaya.

A Korean brand, Butora has only been in the U.S. market for a year, and it’s already making waves in the PG climbing community. The Butora Acro model was voted Rock & Ice Magazine’s “Best New Climbing Shoe for 2016.”

Butora’s Acro is a surprisingly comfortable yet aggressive down-cambered shoe perfect for sport climbing or bouldering. It comes in a wide or narrow fit and can be found at both our Sunnyvale and San Francisco gear shops (it’s coming soon to Belmont).


Tenaya is based in a region of southeast Spain known for the longest history of shoe-making. The Iati model was recently introduced at our Sunnyvale shop as a high-performance shoe great for bouldering or steep sport climbs. This shoe also recently took home Climbing Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award. In addition to the Iati, you can find Tenaya’s RA in SF and Belmont, and the Tarifa in SF.

So come try on a pair next time you visit, between burns on the wall.

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