Planet Granite has held fundraisers for a variety of organizations, including the Access Fund and Portola & Castle Rock Foundation to help save climbing access near and far! These events are on top of our commitment to donate money and resources to organizations such as Big City Mountaineers, Outward Bound, Yosemite Conservancy, and the Access Fund.

One annual fundraiser that's especially important to us is our push for the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA), which has a mission to replace bolts worldwide, making climbing outside safer for the growing group of gym-trained climbers enjoying the sport outdoors.

For four straight years Planet Granite has committed to matching up to $20,000 for donations to the ASCA via various fundraisers hosted at our facilities. Our PG team plans and coordinates these live auctions which feature professional climbers such as Alex Honnold, Ethan Pringle, Chris Sharma, and more. Since 2009, Planet Granite efforts have helped the ASCA raise more than $220,000!

Read more about our fundraisers:



We did it! With your support, we will be able to donate $50,382 to the ASCA in October!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped in reaching this goal! You helped us raise over $30K in cash and goods and, with Planet Granite's match of $20K, that means a whole lot of bolt replacements! 

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Hey PG! We are in the home stretch! This is the last week to donate to the ASCA in the month of October! As a reminder, Planet Granite is matching up to $20K of donations made to the ASCA this month. 

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Planet Granite has once again offered up $20,000 as a match for the American Safe Climbing Association!  Join us in the month of October, and help us raise over $40,000 to keep the ASCA going strong.  

But you don't have to just donate money - we have two great events planned so you can win some free stuff and have the experience of a lifetime: a live auction fundraiser with legend Peter Croft and an all night 12-hour climbing comp Battle for Bolts!

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What do you need to climb 12 hours straight?  

Tape.  Lots and lots of tape.  

And caffeine.

In about one month, Planet Granite Belmont is hosting the most unique competition this side of the Mississippi!  Join them for a 12-hour climbing competition to support the American Safe Climbing Assocation.  

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Live Auction Fundraiser with Peter Croft

Wednesday October 5th, 2016 @7pm
PG Sunnyvale

We're SO stoked to host Peter Croft.  A climbing legend and one of the OGs of free soloing, Peter Croft has incredible ascents that span decades to his credit, including soloing the Rostrum and Astroman in a day back in the mid 80s and completing a quick 14 hour El Cap - Half Dome link up wth John Bachar before climbing either one individually was considered "normal," if that can ever be called normal.  The author of  The Good The Great and the Awesome, a guide to the High Sierra classics, he listed his favorite climb to do in America as the Evolution Traverse, a stunning 8-mile long High Sierra ridge traverse at over 13,000 feet of elevation, where the crux is ensuring you have enough water and deciding how light fast to go. 

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Planet Granite is proud to support charitable organizations who offer outdoor experiences to people who don’t get many such opportunities through our PG Gives Back program.One of our longest relationships, since 2010, when we first donated as part of PG Gives Back, has been with Environmental Traveling Companions, a group that brings rafting, kayaking, and skiing to disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities.  

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Planet Graniteers!  You rock!  Together with donors around the country, you raised more than $35,439 in donations for the American Safe Climbing Association's mission of bolt replacement.

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Battle for Bolts, Planet Granite's first ever 24-hour climbing competition and fundraiser, was epic in so many ways¦ Games and challenges kept competitors on their toes for all 24 hours. Fantastic sponsors donated a giant prize pool. Awesome overnight staff kept up everyone's energy and psyche. To top it all off, the event raised money and support for the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA). All these points made the event great. However, what really took Battle for Bolts to stratospheric heights is this: The Battle for Bolts competitors were INCREDIBLE. Every single team surpassed all expectations, both ours and their own, in every imaginable way. In 24 hours the average competitor slept 1-2 hours and climbed thousands of vertical feet. They climbed through sore hands, tired muscles, exhaustion, and crazy challenges designed to push them even harder. Most importantly, no matter how tired competitors felt, they invariably displayed humor, positivity, and a drive to push far beyond their old limits. [caption id=""attachment_5696"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""600""] Congratulations to winning teams! Upper left: Mei and Gary, winners of the Advanced category. Bottom left: Ross, Tim, Brennan and Sam, first and second place teams in the Open category. Right: Ryan, Zara, and Karin, winners of the relay category[/caption] Now that the dust has settled, it's clear that Battle for Bolts was not about crowning the strongest, the most dedicated, or the best climbers. Instead it was an opportunity for individuals to test themselves. Needless to say all competitors met this challenge, pushed far beyond what they believed themselves to be capable of, and were rewarded with insights into their own abilities. So, on behalf of all Planet Granite Belmont staff, thank you to all our competitors! You all were amazing and made this event a huge success. I hope by now you're recovered, and that the knowledge and experience you gained through the event serve you well in future climbing. And to all other climbers out there: 24 hours of climbing may sound insane, impossible or both. But there's only one way to find out... Thanks to our sponsors: Naturewise, Icebreaker, CAMP, Patagonia, SFT Climbing, Evolv, Muscle Milk, Flashed, Black Diamond, Lululemon, Skout, Two Ogres, and House of Bagels. You all donated amazing prizes, snacks, energy drinks, and more, and we couldn't have run this competition without you! Finally, thank you to the ASCA! Keep replacing those old bolts, and next time we clip an ASCA bolt we'll think of you and the work you put in to maintain our favorite climbs. [caption id=""attachment_5695"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""500""] PG Belmont staff having fun and working hard at Battle for Bolts[/caption]    

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[caption id="attachment_5589" align="aligncenter" width="1250] Don't get caught clipping this old bolt![/caption]

BATTLE FOR BOLTS is this Saturday! Register now! Spoiler Alert! Reason #1- Individual competitors can now enter

  1.  Individual competitors can now enter, no team needed! This means that if you want to participate, but haven't been able to find a partner, you can climb anyway. Swap belays with other individual competitors, boulder on your own, and maybe even find a team the day of the comp.
  2. A HUGE prize pool. Seriously, we have so much awesome stuff to give away. Across the outdoor industry companies are psyched to support the ASCA's re-bolting mission. Black Diamond, CAMP, Evolv, Icebreaker, Patagonia, Rock & Ice, Flashed, lululemon athletica, SFT Climbing, Skout, Two Ogres, Muscle Milk, and Naturewise have all stepped up big time. Take a gander¦ [caption id=""attachment_5584"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""2448""] Just a few prizes from our awesome sponsor CAMP![/caption]
  3.  It's all for fun - You don't need to climb 24 hours straight. Take breaks, go home and come back, and relax with your new friends. This is a fun community-building event, and it's as intense or as casual as you make it. Whether you're a grizzled 5.14d monster or a wide-eyed 5.8 acolyte, you can tailor your own experience to fit. [caption id=""attachment_5586"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""1800""] So many prizes![/caption]
  4.  Games and possible prize winning all day, plus event T-shirts. We have mini games and prizes throughout the event for competitors and spectators alike. These games will test your skill, strength, and sense of humor. [caption id=""attachment_5587"" align=""aligncenter"" width=""2448""] Yummy snacks from Skout![/caption]
  5.  This supports the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA). The ASCA is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping keep our sport climbing areas safe. Since 1998, the ASCA has replaced over 14,000 old bolts at local climbing areas like Pinnacles, Donner Summit, Yosemite, and Tuolumne and hundreds of other areas across the state and worldwide. Largely run by volunteers, the ASCA relies on donations from individuals and organizations such as ours.


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New, strong bolts are the ammunition in the war for outdoor climbing safety, and the American Safe Climbing Association is responsible for restocking the arsenal. That's why, for the fifth year, Planet Granite will match donations to the 501(c)3 non-profit throughout the month of October, up to a total of $20,000.

"Bolt replacement is getting more and more important, mainly because a lot of routes were put up in the '70s and '80s, and they were put up with bolts that only last 20 to 50 years," explains Chris McNamara, an ASCA founder. "It's definitely time to get out there and replace a lot of these bolts, before they end up breaking on people."

It's no easy feat replacing bolts on the routes climbers love in Yosemite, Owens River Gorge, and Joshua Tree. Rebolting is an intricate construction job hundreds of feet up, with no power, no portapotty, and no pay. Only for the love of climbing would someone volunteer for that kind of task. Fortunately, there's a much, much easier way to help protect all climbers by placing new bolts”throw down a little cash. Here are some numbers show why the ASCA rocks:

  • 95%: ASCA funds spent directly on bolting materials
  • 14,000+: Bolts replaced by ASCA volunteers to date
  • 1/2: Planet Granite's push raises about half the ASCA's annual budget

So do your part!  Support the ASCA this October

Here are three ways to donate and have your dollar doubled: Online at - Donate directly to the ASCA. All donations will be matched by Planet Granite! Purchase sick 'previously-loved' gear on an online gear site! Outdoor Gear Lab has generously donated a ton of awesome gear for an auction that will go live October 1! Sign up for Battle for Bolts, a 24-hour climbing fundraiser at PG Belmont! All proceeds from this event will go directly to the ASCA and be matched by Planet Granite! Read more about the event here.

More on the ASCA

The American Safe Climbing Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides gear to replace old anchors, hangers and bolts on climbs found at popular places such as Yosemite National Park. Since Chris McNamara (SuperTopo) founded the ASCA in 1998, they estimate over 14,000 bolts have been replaced across the country and in Mexico and Thailand, all by volunteers and funded by donations such as ours. Earlier this year, the ASCA ran out of money to buy bolts. Help us raise over $40,000 for the ASCA this year so they can continue to keep our crags safer. Planet Granite has helped raise over $167,000 for the ASCA since 2009.

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