Planet Granite has held fundraisers for a variety of organizations, including the Access Fund and Portola & Castle Rock Foundation to help save climbing access near and far! These events are on top of our commitment to donate money and resources to organizations such as Big City Mountaineers, Outward Bound, Yosemite Conservancy, and the Access Fund.

One annual fundraiser that's especially important to us is our push for the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA), which has a mission to replace bolts worldwide, making climbing outside safer for the growing group of gym-trained climbers enjoying the sport outdoors.

For four straight years Planet Granite has committed to matching up to $20,000 for donations to the ASCA via various fundraisers hosted at our facilities. Our PG team plans and coordinates these live auctions which feature professional climbers such as Alex Honnold, Ethan Pringle, Chris Sharma, and more. Since 2009, Planet Granite efforts have helped the ASCA raise more than $220,000!

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Between February 1st and 15th, Planet Granite committed to matching up to $10,000 of the funds raised for the Unlock Jailhouse Fund. On February 9th, Planet Granite Sunnyvale hosted a huge fundraising auction, complete with a slideshow by renowned Bay Area climber and photographer Jim Thornburg, and a video presentation by Yosemite legend, Ron Kauk. The first two days of the matching period saw just under $2,000 donated to the Access Fund for Jailhouse! However, on February 9th, when Planet Granite hosted the slideshow and auction fundraiser at its Sunnyvale location, we still needed to raise almost $8,000 to utilize the full $10,000 company match.

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