Planet Granite was founded in 1994 with the simple idea that climbers, this small fringe group of athletes, deserved a world-class facility with sport-specific training. 


mickey2At the time, there were virtually no gyms in the United States that provided a one-stop shop for climbing, yoga and fitness. Furthermore, the systems and infrastructure needed for a climbing specific gym with overhanging walls, mechanized system boards, and textured boulders did not exist.

Our founder, Micky Lloyd (seen at left), has helped design and build our facilities. That “do-it-yourself” culture continues to this day and is evident in many features found throughout our gyms. 

Since its founding Planet Granite has grown to operate some of the largest and best-known climbing gyms in the country. Each time we build a new facility, we incorporate what we have learned and try to raise the bar to provide the best climbing terrain and training tools to the communities in which we work. We have four locations: San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Belmont and Portland.