Our Values & Commitment

At Planet Granite, we know that our driving force is our psyched community. Our mission is to provide a comfortable and inspiring space for that community to thrive and grow.

As part of that commitment, the Planet Granite team makes every effort to support its people. Whether that’s by enabling underserved youth to have a wilderness experience, or raising money to promote climbing access for all, people are at the core of what Planet Granite does.

It is within that frame, that these six values define the heart of who we are:

Planet Granite gives back to our community in three primary areas: climbing, community and the environment.

Over the past six years we have made financial contributions totaling more than $500,000 to a dozen non-profits that fall within this framework.

Some of those include Outward Bound, Yosemite Conservancy, Big City Mountaineers, and the Access Fund. Many of them are focused on bringing underserved populations to our sport and the outdoors.

We're about making a difference:


For over 20 years we have hosted and trained the Santa Clara Firefighters Local 1171


Since 2008 we have donated almost 3,000 free belay lessons


$165,000 worth of services, that we have staffed from our own pocket


Over $500,000 in monetary donations combined throughout our community and beyond

Finally, Planet Granite believes in setting an example. As a company, we have always maintained the highest environmental standards when designing and operating our gyms. That commitment includes integrating large garage doors in the facilities that allow for passive ventilation, reducing our need for climate control. In all gyms we include an ample number of skylights and windows to reduce the need for lighting during the day. We have installed computerized lighting controllers attached to photocells and induction high bay light fixtures to reduce electrical consumption. In Portland we have installed CO2 sensors so that our ventilation systems only turn on when we need fresh air in the building.