As part of our Health & Wellness series, we reached out to San Francisco’s sports and clinical massage studioPsoas Massage + Bodywork.  

We know the PG community likes to ‘work hard and play hard‘, and we wanted Psoas to give us a few quick tips on staying injury & pain free while doing what we love with climbing, yoga and fitness. 

In this video, Scott Schwartz, co-founder of Psoas, walks us through a rotation of 7 exercises to increase range of motion and stability in the shoulders.

It only takes about a minute and half to complete and it’s an awesome way to warm-up and protect your shoulders!

 ** The information in these articles are submitted by various  professionals in the industry who are not employed by or representatives of Planet Granite.   If you have an injury or more questions regarding the topics addressed on our blog,  please consult a qualified medical practitioner.  Before beginning any fitness program, you should have a complete physical examination by your physician.**

Who needs this exercise?

Rock climbers especially, but this will benefit mostly anyone!

This shouldn’t be painful, it should only be mildly challenging.

Note: if you are experiencing severe pain or numbness and tingling in your arms and hands please see a professional before attempting this or other exercises. If you feel excess pain during it, discontinue until checking with a professional.