We are super excited to introduce LED MoonBoards to PG Belmont’s and Sunnyvale’s training areas!

Belmont’s 40 degree LED MoonBoard is up and ready for climbing! Download the app and start logging your ascents!

Sunnyvale’s new climbing training area also started construction and their LED MoonBoards should be up and running early October! Sunnyvale’s 25 and 40 degree MoonBoards will be accompanied by a 9′ campus board and a 24′ long Rogue Rig with hang boards and pull up bars!

What is a MoonBoard?

The MoonBoard is a standardized training wall that allows you to train on sequences and climbs set by people all over the world! The MoonBoard app allows you to find, log, and rate problems. You can also create your own problems and share them with the world!

Belmont and Sunnyvale’s MoonBoards are also equipped with LED lights that identify the holds to help climbers visualize their moves.

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Hey PG community!

Currently typing this from the cozy mountain town of Innsbruck, Austria. I’m here to train and support the youth climbers competing at the World Championships here over the next two weeks!

Over the course of the previous month, I’ve done a significant amount of travel around Europe for World Cup competitions, otherwise known as being on ‘The Circuit’. Following my trip to the Rocklands, I flew north to compete in the Bouldering World Cup in Munich, Germany, as well as the Lead World Cup in Arco, Italy. Both competitions were excellent learning experiences for me to test where my training is at right now and see what I need to work on for upcoming seasons.

At the first stop in Munich, I had the honor of staying and climbing alongside Kai Lightner, one of the top climbers in the US. We prepared for the competition by trying out some mock competition problems at Boulderwelt München. Most of the problems heavily featured holds shaped by European companies Cheeta and Squadra, which took some getting used to in order to successfully maneuver through them. Hopefully PG can snag some for future World Cup training preparationRead More…

Who are you? What do you teach? Emphasis on a specific type of yoga?

I’m Lizzie Kountze, and I teach vinyasa-based flow classes: Foundations (on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm) and Power Yoga (on Tuesdays at noon).

I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, started my career as a journalist, and then dove into a career in international development in Washington DC, applying technology to address inequalities (especially around access to information and opportunities) in low-income countries. I do a lot of ideation, business development, and proposal writing in my day job– about 10 years ago yoga became an incredible balance that really helped to reduce my stress while making my body much happier.  I noticed that while I practiced yoga I felt graceful and beautiful, no matter what was going on professionally or personally.  It continues to make me happy in my skin on and off the mat.  Most of all, yoga reminds of who I am and how to honor the love inside of me and take care of myself.

I teach with many assists and adjustments to help people deepen into their poses and build muscle memory for alignment. This is nourishing and rewarding for students, I find, and it aids in relaxation.

I love the outdoors, especially the sea, and moved to San Francisco five years ago to be closer to the wilderness and ocean. I have been teaching since 2011 at Vida Fitness in Washington DC as well as San Francisco’s Union Yoga, the Mindful Body, and Planet Granite. I also teach restorative yoga and am trained as a prenatal teacher.

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Water bottles. They make the gym (and a lot of other) experiences way more pleasant. Having quick access to water means that you don’t have to drop everything and walk to a water fountain. If you are thirsty, you just break it open and enjoy some delicious hydration.

PG Gear Shops are now home to a new sort of water bottle – the Square by Clean Bottle. We talked to self-appointed, resident water bottle enthusiast Riley on what makes the Square such a good bottle. Here’s what Riley liked about the bottles:Read More…

Hello again PG community!

Josh Levin here again, reporting all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. I just finished off an incredible 1-month trip to the legendary Rocklands bouldering area, which is located about a 4-hour drive north of Cape Town. Here is a quick summary of my trip and some recommendations if you’re interested in heading out there yourself!

I first heard about Rocklands by watching the classic climbing film Progression, in which Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods, and Tommy Caldwell explore the sandstone area to repeat the classics and establish some of the hardest boulder problems in the world. Besides the phenomenal climbing footage, one of the lines from the movie that really hit home for me was a quote from Paul Robinson describing his mentality towards finishing up school and embarking on climbing adventures:

“For the past two years, I’ve been dreaming about coming out to the Rocklands. I’d sit in school
and I’d think, ‘Oh man, I wish I could be going out climbing now’. Finally, I’ve made it to this
part in my life where I can go and I can climb in amazing destinations all around the world, and
this a dream come true for me.”

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Bloc Party SF is over and we are  so excited for Sunnyvale’s in a few weeks

It was a long but awesome day running from 10am to almost 7pm! People were jumping to get on problems as soon as they got the green light to start climbing. And once it started, the day didn’t slow down. The North Face athletes Matty Hong, Emily Harrington, and Peter Croft joined in the fun, hung out, and ran a few clinics throughout the day including a crack clinics, Sport Climbing and one on cerebral climbing. Climbers and spectators were able to hang out at The North Face lounge and Airstream outside. Most people opted to wait ’til they got their climbing in and were taking a break for food to really take advantage of the lounge area.

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Workout of the Week: Olympic Rings

Rings are a great tool for climbers to build shoulder, arm, and core strength. PG Sunnyvale staffer Daniel demonstrates exercises including Dips, Rows, Frenchies, and Climber Twists.

 TIME: How ever long it takes! DIFFICULTY:  Intermediate to Advanced EQUIPMENT:  Olympic Rings FOCUS: arms, shoulder, and core

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Earlier in July, USA Climbing held the 2017 Sport & Speed Youth Nationals and Planet Granite team kids were there to represent!

There are 10 categories in USA Climbing’s competitions and almost 50 kids in each category climbing to get from the qualifiers to semi-finals. From there, the top 20 in each category will climb for a spot in finals! Kids from  all over  the country come to compete, some on teams, some not. You’d probably recognize some of the names of the competitors – they are already big names in climbing like Ashima Shiraishi or Kai Lightner. 6 kids from PG’s climbing team or community competed during this comp and they all did  a great job! 3 of the climbers landed in the top 10 of finals!

Justin Cubbage, Planet Granite SV Head Coach was in attendance to help make sure the climbers were prepared and ready to compete. Most of the kids were from SV’s team but we also had a few climbers from PDX!

Nationals is a lot different than bouldering nationals. Each day you climb 1 route. 2 of those days are Qualifiers. It’s a flash format so you can watch other competitors climb – there is no isolation. They even have a rabbit to show you how to climb it [I asked what a rabbit was. Think Alice in Wonderland where you follow the white rabbit – it is a climber who shows how the route is done].

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