Planet Granite San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

Talk about a room with a view! Planet Granite San Francisco is located in an old converted airplane hangar on the grounds of the Presidio, a former US military post that’s now a national park site. Climbers at this facility get gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other iconic attractions, like Alcatraz Island. Offering over 25,000 square feet of climbing space, this full-service gym, and its giant plate-glass windows, make San Francisco Bay the inspiring backdrop to your climb. Catwalks lead you up to a second-story floor, which grants additional stunning views. Planet Granite SF also features full fitness and cardio areas, two yoga studios, and top-out bouldering, providing visitors to the Bay area plenty of workout options.

Fitness fans who travel for business discovered this phenomenon a while ago; it’s fun to check out new gyms and exercise facilities when you’re on the road. Somewhat complacent with the same layout and gym “culture” of the workout centers they frequent at home, these athletic enthusiasts have discovered seeing how other gyms operate is refreshing, and can even kick-start a workout routine that’s gotten, well… a little bit too routine.